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article imageFive work apps that will aid the return to 'business normal'

By Tim Sandle     Dec 27, 2020 in Technology
Making the business workplace safer requires appropriate technology to enable the workforce to be physically distanced. An equally important requirement is having apps that promote work efficiency. We profile some examples.
While the wait continues for the vaccine to be widely distributed in 2021, companies are preparing to safely return their employees to the workplace. With the return to ‘normalcy’ in sight, companies and organizations are beginning to plan accordingly, and naturally turning to advanced technological solutions to facilitate a safe transition.
Detailed below are five apps that can help all organizations manage this transition.
Microsoft Teams
This platform enhances collaboration among teams at no additional cost for Microsoft 365 users. It integrates all Microsoft apps in a single place, and it allows for useful tool additions including project management apps like Trello and cloud storage platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox. In addition, users can hold online meetings, share files, collaborate on a same file simultaneously and create team folders to easily manage a specific project.
Powered by NEORIS, this software allows employees to check-in and share critical information about their well-being that could help their organization provide the necessary help and guidance. Questions like where are my people? What risks are they facing? Who is at risk? Where are those who have been contaminated? How can they be helped? Where have they traveled and when? And what experience can they share? Will all be answered, thanks to this app. It also offers insights for the visualization of cloud-based analytics to help companies assess trends in real time. Therefore, managers will have access to information regarding the most affected areas of operations and how these can affect their supply-chain, what decisions should be made around “re-routing” based on critical employee availability, and which employees can be called back and which ones should stay remote.
This is a web-based Kanban-style list-making app that is great for project and task management. It enhances team productivity by allowing members to prioritize and organize projects in an easy way. All projects are organized into boards, and within each board, teams can display timelines, assign tasks, upload files, chat and share details on budgeting. The app uses a notification system based on emails and phone notifications which alerts all users involved in a particular project on every update including comments made and tasks removed.
This software helps build integrated teams with analytics, and a 360º feedback processing that offers real business intelligence and human resource administration. It uses several game elements to help an organization’s employees build a habit of giving and receiving feedback. The app uses Network Analysis, which is a quantitative method for modeling and analyzing, showing collaboration networks, business, industry, social and much more data to understand an organization and its people. It also allows for skills mapping to identify leadership potential, experts within an organization, skills gaps to focus on training investment and get real-time snapshots of international capabilities.
Miro is a productivity online whiteboard software that works great to conduct brainstorming sessions and workshops, perform product development, user-experience research and design, strategic planning and more. At the beginning of each project, users will be presented with a white canvas to promote creativity. This software serves as a platform to co-create and align with cross-functional stakeholders and to explain complex processes through its visual mapping and diagraming feature.
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