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article imageDubai police adopt three new cutting edge tech devices

By Ken Hanly     Oct 12, 2017 in Technology
Dubai - Dubai police have adopted a new crime fighting instrument that can be a drone or a hoverbike. Earlier this year they introduced a robocop and robocop cars.
The Hoversurf
Dubai police have teamed up with the Russian drone manufacturer Hoversurf. The Hoversurf, combines the capabilities of a drone and a hoverbike. The craft has four large propellers that enable it to fly at a height of five meters or 16 ft when piloted. Without a pilot the vehicle can go another meter higher. The craft can be operated remotely or piloted.
The Hoversurf can fly for 25 minutes when fully charged and can travel at speeds up to 70 km per hour or 43 mph. It is able to carry an additional 300 kilograms or 662 pounds. The Hoversurf is just one of several futuristic devices that Dubai is rolling out this year. Dubai signed a deal earlier in the year that will see self-driving cop cars on the street helping to fight crime. Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
The O-R3
The UAE has reached an agreement with a Singapore firm Otsaw Digital for an autonomous security vehicle known as O-R3. The four-wheeled vehicle can navigate its surroundings via a series of sensors attached to the body. The company says the vehicle will come with a number of cameras that will enable it to carry out "facial and license plate recognition".
When the O-R3 comes to an obstacle it cannot traverse it can launch a surveillance drone to keep track of any fleeing suspect. Human monitors can always take control of the robot remotely.
The Otsaw Digital website praises its product: “In an industry plagued with high turnover, OR-3 ensures fulfilment of 24/7 security shifts that keeps premises secure at all time and reduces the reliance on human guards. No off days… OR-3 performs its security duties with machine driven efficiency, 24/7, 365.”
Major General Abdullah Al-Mari the Dubai police commander also praised the new robo-car: “Dubai Police are keen to get the latest technology to fight crime. The self-driving robot is the latest addition to intelligent forces of the Dubai Police, and it has been specifically designed to be used on the streets of the city. It will also help to combat crime, maintain safety and enhance people’s happiness.”
Although the OR-3 is expected to appear at a technology fair in Dubai this month, full deployment is not expected before 2021.
The robocop
Back in May, the first of Dubai's new devices turned up in the form of a robocop. The robotic policeman will help identify wanted criminals and collect evidence as it patrols busy areas of the city.
The introduction of the robocop is part of a government program that will see some human police personnel replaced by robots. If the experiment is successful, the Dubai Police expect to replace 25 percent of its patrol force with robots by 2030.
The robot sports the colors of the Dubai Police uniform. It can shake hands and perform a military salute. Brigadier Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, director general of the Smart Services Department of Dubai Police said: “These kind of robots can work 24/7. They won’t ask you for leave, sick leave or maternity leave. It can work around the clock.”
The robot is outfitted with cameras and facial recognition software that allows it to compare faces with those in a police database and flag headquarters. It can also read licence plates. It can help police identify such risks at unattended bags in crowded areas. The robot is shown on the appended video.
Members of the force can communicate with the robot by using a touch screen computer in the robot's chest. The robot was built by PAL Robotics based in Barcelona Spain. The cost has not been made public.
Al Razooki said that the new generation liked smart devices:“We now see the new generations who are using smart devices - they love to use these kind of tools. A lot of them have seen the Robocop movie and they said: you guys, you have done it.”
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