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article image'Crypto heater' mines cryptocoins while heating your house

By Ken Hanly     Mar 9, 2018 in Technology
Cryptocurrency mining takes a lot of energy, and anything that uses that much energy generates a lot of heat, which is why cooling systems are so important for computers using high-end graphics cards and for cryptocoin miners..
The computer chips used in cryptocoin mining produce a lot of heat. The large mines must have many fans to cool the machines. Instead of using fans to cool the machines, the heat could be used for warming. The French company Qarnot has a heater, the QC-1 "crypto-heater" that is used both for mining and heating.
The French company's name gives tribute to a 19th century engineer: "It’s a tribute to the French physicist and engineer Sadi Carnot (1796 – 1832). The ‘Q’ letter refers to the physical symbol for heat. Through his only book, written at the age of 27, Reflection on the Motive Power of Fire, he’s considered as the ‘father’ of thermodynamics. He revolutionized the world of science and industry. "
As well as the crypto heater, the company produces a computer heater and also a computing platform.
Why have a crypto heater?
Home heaters are already rather expensive home electrical devices. If you already are using heaters to warm your home, it makes some sense to try and recoup some of the cost of the power used through mining cryptocoins. Qarnot already has a computer that also serves to help heat the house.
The heater has an aesthetically pleasing design
A recent article praises the look of the QC-1.
The QC-1 heater is shown in the appended video along with some photos of the computer heater as well.
The QC-1 is noiseless as no fans are used to distribute the heat.
How much will the QC-1 make?
The amount would obviously depend upon how much you use the heater, how much your power costs and what cryptocoin you are mining.
The company estimates that the heater would mine about $120 dollars per month mining ethereum at its present price. However this figure does not take into account your power cost a crucial factor.
QC is easy to set up
it takes only about 10 minutes to set up the QC and you can do it without any outside help. You simply plug the QC into the power and the Ethernet. You then add you Ethereum wallet address in a companion smartphone app, so that the Ethereum mined can be transferred to it.
The QC-1 can mine other currencies than Ethereum.
The mining process can be monitored through an app. You can also run the heater in "heating booster mode" if one wants more heat to be produced.
The cost of the QC-1
The heater will cost roughly $3,570. Pre-orders are being taken now with the first of the heaters ready to be shipped before June 20th.
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