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article imageCloud computing will soon be helping to drive cars

By Tim Sandle     Oct 27, 2018 in Technology
Cloud computing solutions are being adopted by businesses at a rapid pace. The concept is also be expanded to cars, with companies like Volkswagen investing heavily in the technology. Cloud services will help to form an automotive Internet of Things.
Cloud computing for cars is a means of delivering and collecting information; it also forms part of autonomous vehicle technology. By using the cloud, cars can communicate with each other to avoid accidents or download up-to-date maps and traffic information. In addition, smart vehicles will be able to automatically plot the best and quickest route to a destination. Manufacturers will also be able to use cloud computing to drive product innovation, from the development of a car to end of life for the vehicle.
Other innovations include:
Reviewing data patterns to support accurate diagnostics. Such information can be drawn from thousands of other cars carrying similar technology. After analysis, solutions can be provided to on-board car computers.
The provision of safety data, such as self-reporting of breakdown and accidents.
Automatic scheduling of proactive maintenance, signalling when service and maintenance is required.
Pulling together reports focused on performance enhancements in relation to individual driving habits, location, and altitude.
As an example of cloud applications with vehicle technology, Volkswagen is working on a cloud for its "Connected Cars". These advanced vehicles, according to Smart2Zero, will operate with software provided by Microsoft Azure. The platform, which was developed in partnership with Microsoft, will be called the "Volkswagen Automotive Cloud".
The cloud will be a large industrial cloud, taking on all of Volkswagen’s future digital services and mobility innovations. In terms of the impact on its vehicles, the German company aims to have a fully networked vehicle fleet under the branding of the "Volkswagen We" digital ecosystem.
Within this model, from 2020 the intention is to have 5 million new connected vehicles coming onto the market each year, with each one forming part of an automotive Internet of Things. This will include various customer services and solutions, telematics, and mechanisms for secure data exchanges between vehicle and cloud for data analysis purposes.
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