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article imageBiometrics algorithm will increase security and ID recognition Special

By Claudio Buttice     Nov 24, 2016 in Technology
AU10TIX, an industry leader in ID authentication technologies, announced its release of the new Advanced Deep-Learning Beta software that will further increase security with forensic level authentication and smart face comparison.
Taking a selfie or a picture with our smartphone camera is now just a matter of seconds, and it's no surprise that today most images used for identification cards come from these supports rather from than standard photography. Fraudsters who want to commit identity theft rapidly took advantage of that to avoid standard security procedures such as micro texts and holographic layers. In the United States, more than 17 million persons are victims of at least one instance of identity every year, and the number keeps increasing year after year. Conventional face comparison algorithms lost much of their effectiveness with pictures of different qualities, captured at different times or simply taken in rudimentary conditions.
AU10TIX’s new Deep Learning ID and document authentication technology uses several smart algorithms that may handle the typical quality issues of the images taken with cell phones, old cameras or computer webcams. This latest software is able to implement biometric identification that recognizes human faces by reducing the so-called "noise" caused by picture abnormalities, increasing its reliability over conventional technology. The new algorithm may compare an ID document picture with a live selfie even if the two pictures have been taken by different sources in different conditions, and is able to understand if all those images pertain to the same person. The applications range from increased onboard security in airports to several other Customer-Not-Present situations.
AU10TIX's technology has been found in some of the most prominent international airports throughout the world and has been already successfully used to identify payments made with Payoneer credit cards. We asked a few questions to Ron Atzmon, the company's Managing Director.
How is the software going to be integrated with current securities technologies?
"AU10TIX benefits of course from the booming online and mobile services markets, especially KYC regulated services such as banking, payments, money transfer, lending, remittance, forex, etc. Another contributing factor is tightening KYC regulations on one hand and removal of barriers to cross-market financial services and commerce on the other. AU10TIX has been reaping the fruit of putting emphasis on fast-response, deep authentication technology developed to meet the specific conditions of Customer Not Present (CNP) marketplace."
Is the new software going to be released for commercial or home-made purposes (such as a downloadable app for smartphones or home security)?
"Not at this time. AU10TIX is a B2B product."
Can the software be integrated with other supports used to recognize specific humans such as bank security cameras?
"AU10TIX solutions help automate customer screening and onboarding via all critical service interfaces. These include front-end (point of sale and service) channels, home or work internet channels, and mobile device internet channels. AU10TIX’s common-technology-based multi-channel software offers the benefits of solutions that can be more streamlined, modular, easier to integrate than those based on the integration of diversified platforms."
As digital fraudsters evolves to avoid the traditional fraud-buster systems, new advanced technologies never stop making their own progress to keep up with them and protect us from all types of identity theft.
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