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article imageWorld’s first digital benchtop SPR system for drug discovery

By Tim Sandle     Jan 24, 2020 in Science
Nicoya has launched a product called Alto, which is the world’s first fully-automated, high-throughput benchtop surface plasmon resonance (SPR) system. The objective is to speed up drug discovery.
Nicoya's new breakthrough product is the third instrument developed by firm marketed for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The new scientific technology is first to use digital microfluidics (DMF) for surface plasmon resonance (SPR). DMF refers to a liquid-handling technology capable of accurately controlling and manipulating discrete nanoliter droplets with electricity.
The technology is compatible with other laboratory based instruments, such as mass spectrometry, colorimetry, electrochemical, and electrochemiluminescense.
As the first-ever SPR system to integrate digital microfluidics (DMF), artificial intelligence (AI), and nanotechnology, Alto provides high quality, label-free interaction analysis and enables scientists to better understand and cure human diseases faster.
Surface plasmon resonance is a methodology used to study molecular interactions. SPR is a type of optical technique for detecting the interaction of two different molecules, and such technology is useful when seeking to discover new candidates for pharmaceutical medications. The surface plasmon polariton is a non-radiative electromagnetic surface wave.
According to Ryan Denomme, co-founder and CEO of Nicoya: "We’ve spent years working with the world’s leading scientists and researchers to better understand the issues they experience with SPR, including high costs, low throughput, frequent downtime, and complex assay design requirements."
A video has been produced which outlines the new SPR system and its approach to reducing the time and cost of drug discovery.
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