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article imageNew cloud based tool for connected laboratories

By Tim Sandle     Feb 14, 2018 in Science
Cloud based computing presents opportunities for researchers to share findings and to collaborate on projects in a secure setting. A new offering from Gilson aims to make this process easier.
Gilson is a science company, developing products chemistry and life science laboratories. The company is most strongly associated with a range of pipettes. The latest development fits in with the company’s core product, which is designed to ensure accuracy of scientific analysis.
The new product is called the Gilson Connect. This is a cloud-connected computing platform which can operate a line of Bluetooth-enabled, smart liquid handling devices. The first smart products launched are the TRACKMAN® Connected and PIPETMAN® M Connected systems. These are laboratory instruments designed to provide scientists with the ability to record and track pipettor performance data using real-time metrics.
The collected information about pipette reliability and transmit them to sciNote, which is a free, open-source electronic lab notebook (ELN). The idea behind the ELN is to address the more and more data being generated in laboratories. It is also the case that many researchers continue to use paper laboratory notebooks to keep track of their experiments.
The downside of paper based systems is that missing scientific results are costly. Moreover, the process of completing manual records is cumbersome. The idea of sciNote is to store experimental data in one location.
With the Gilson connected devices, Nicolas Paris, who is the CEO of Gilson, told the Laboratory Network: “Gilson is bringing the potential of the Internet of Things to the lab, creating a new standard of verifiable science and helping researchers focus on doing actual science instead of data management.”
The science technologist further explains his connected laboratory vision: “With the Gilson Connect platform, we envision a connected lab bench of the future in which all scientists have access to laboratory tools that communicate seamlessly with each other.”
Accurate pipetting is key to accurate science results. It is often important for researchers who are undertaking collaborative research to be able to replicate experiments performed in one laboratory in another lab. If pipetting is not accurate, then results may not be verifiable. The Internet of Things product from Gilson attempts to address this by digitally capturing and making liquid handling transparent and verifiable.
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