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article imageNASA plans AI based GPS for space missions

By Tim Sandle     Aug 25, 2018 in Science
NASA’s Frontier Development Lab is working with computer giant Intel to develop a new form of navigation in space. This adds an artificial intelligence element to a form of 'space-GPS'.
The new astro-navigation system is not exactly GPS - that's something conceptually impossible, given that GPS is the 'global positioning system', and NASA's interest is with orientating space craft on the correct trajectories in deep space. To achieve this, NASA and Intel are building a very different type of planetary navigation system, according to Futurism.
The new concept is based on providing an artificial intelligence platform with a sufficient quantity of images relating to the surfaces of celestial bodies. The AI system could then determine the position of a space craft, in terms of current and projected location. The focus with this project is on searching for exoplanets, solar probes and similar space exploration topics.
NASA and Intel are also working on gaining a deeper insight into the surface of the moon, according to TNW. Artificial intelligence can also help with this. In a new project, scientists Andrew Chung, Philippe Ludivig, Ross Potter, and Benjamin Wu have developed a system for simulating the Moon’s surface and using this to compare the simulation to a local environment. Through this process the researchers are training an artificial intelligence about what the moon looks like through supplying the platform with millions of images. The artificial intelligence can then use a neural network to create a virtual moon.
Intel are of the opinion that these different projects will help future commercial space missions, through the provision of reliable terrain mapping for missions looking for water and other volatiles. Naveen Rao of Intel said: "From the moment we heard about this challenge, we were committed to applying our expertise and technology solutions to the groundbreaking work being done on applications of AI for space research. Congratulations to the research teams, and to the Intel mentors, who are advancing technology that could take us to Mars and beyond."
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