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tech & science Articles
Two state senators in Georgia have proposed a bill that would allow citizens to pay their tax obligations in bitcoin or other cryptocoins not yet specified.

New study shows vast scope of our exploitation of the ocean

Monitoring the global fishing industry has been difficult, and this means visualizing its global footprint has been almost impossible. Much of the fishing is unobserved, taking place far from land, with boats leaving little trace of their activity.

Op-Ed: Bitcoin not much used as a payment alternative to cash

When it was created bitcoin was expected to be used as a medium of exchange just like fiat money. The first purchase was of two Papa John's pizzas in Florida for 10,000 bitcoins a rather high price given that one bitcoin is now worth over $10,000.

Algorithm helps fight infection spread

Many global health authorities are fighting against the spread of infectious diseases thanks to computer software. A new algorithm has been devised to address the issue of non-diagnosed diseases.

Improving security with real-time Captcha

A real-time Captcha technique can improve biometric authentication, according to new technology research. This helps to combat hackers who try to use machine learning and image generation software in order to fool legitimate users.

Why private browsing looks set to become more private

Private web browsing looks set to become even more private following a new initiative. A new system patches the security holes left open by web browsers' private-browsing activities.

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is hiring a CFO

Coinbase is hiring a chief financial officer (CFO). This would be a significant move in the company's growth plans but also raises questions about whether the company plans to launch an initial public offering (IPO).

UPS expands its delivery fleet with 50 Workhorse electric trucks

United Parcel Service announced it is partnering with EV-builder Workhorse to build electric delivery vans that could replace tens of thousands of vehicles in the package delivery company’s fleet.

After launch of satellites, SpaceX tries to catch nose cone

Early on Thursday, SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket successfully launched the PAZ radio communications satellite, along with two Internet satellites into low-Earth orbit. A first-time attempt by the space company to catch the nose cone failed - But not by much.

Microsoft joins calls for a 'national cybersecurity agency'

Microsoft has advocated a "national security agency" to avoid a "national security quagmire." The company has compiled guidelines to follow when establishing a federal cybersecurity agency. It said it would create a "focal point" for cyber defence.

Google to launch first $50 Android Go phones next week

Google has announced that the first phones to run its Android Go platform will be launched during Mobile World Congress next week. Several options will be available, including handsets priced lower than $50. Google intends to improve mobile accessibility.

Google Assistant will soon speak 30 languages

The availability of Google Assistant will be expanded this year with support for 30 languages and multi-lingual input. Google announced the AI changes ahead of Mobile World Congress next week, claiming it wants Assistant to work "better for you."

Millions of dollars in Ethereum could be stolen by attackers

Flaws in smart contracts could allow attackers to steal millions of dollars in Ethereum, according to security researchers. Over 34,000 smart contracts are affected by vulnerabilities that could let anyone acquire the contents of cryptocurrency wallets.

Bitcoin price drops down below $10,000 as recovery fails

Bitcoin has now dropped below the $10,000 level and most cryptocoins are also suffering price declines. Bitcoin is down from a recent high set on February 20. It dropped eight percent within 24 hours.

Trump calls for $2.7 billion moon-orbiting space station

As part of the fiscal year 2019 budget proposal, NASA is planning to build the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway in the 2020s, and if all goes as planned, it would be ready for human habitation by 2023.

Scientists create AI system to detect and locate earthquakes

The state of Oklahoma has seen a rise in the number of earthquakes, many of them believed to be caused by the fracking boom. Before 2009, earthquakes above magnitude 3.0 in the state went from fewer than three a year to as many as 903 in 2015.

Stockholm Sweden boasts two operating self-driving shuttle buses

Two self-driving buses started to share the road with pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles in a suburb of Stockholm. The shuttle buses travel at speeds of up to 24 km per hour.

AirPods expected to get popular iPhone features in 2018 and 2019

A new report suggests Apple may release new versions of its popular AirPods wireless earbuds in 2018 and 2019. The 2018 model may receive a "Hey, Siri" voice command, while the 2019 model may be water resistant.

New tar sands technology could be a game-changer for Alberta

Ian Gates, an engineer at the University of Calgary thinks an invention he stumbled upon in the laboratory could transform the way Alberta gets its heavy oil to market.

Google launches Android device enterprise certification program

Google's announced a program to make Android devices more enterprise-friendly. It will label certified enterprise-ready phones as "Android Enterprise Recommended," signalling they meet the typical requirements of IT teams overseeing corporate deployments.

Space-X lobs Spanish military satellite into orbit

Elon Musk's Space-X sent a Spanish military satellite into orbit Thursday in a hitch-less liftoff from California, extending the private space company's record of successful launches.

Qualcomm's next 5G chipsets to use Samsung's 7nm process

Qualcomm and Samsung have announced their next 5G mobile chipsets will be built on Samsung's 7nm technology. The new process will improve performance and have a smaller chip footprint. This leaves more room to add new internal components.

Tesla servers hijacked by cryptocurrency miners

Tesla cloud servers were "crypto-jacked" by attackers who used the resources to mine cryptocurrencies. Security researchers discovered Tesla had failed to take basic steps to secure its account, which had no password protection.

'Glitch' let customer purchase $2 trillion in Bitcoin for free

The Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif has reported a "system glitch" which allowed customers to purchase cryptocurrencies without paying any value in yen. During the incident, customers used the platform to buy trillions of dollars worth of Bitcoins.

Scientists recreate virtual copy of Mexican underwater cave

Scientists from all over the world will soon be able to dive into a virtual 3-D replica of a vast underwater cave off Mexico's Yucatan peninsula, where the oldest skeleton in the Americas was found seven years ago.

Jordan 3D lab prints limbs for war wounded, disabled kids

Iraqi soldier Abdullah lost his left hand fighting the Islamic State group but now he has a prosthetic one -- thanks to a 3D printing lab in Jordan.

Somalia's first forensic lab targets rape impunity

The new freezers at Somalia's only forensic laboratory can store thousands of DNA samples, although for now there are just five.

Op-Ed: Bitcoin again falls below $11,000 in spite of bullish prediction

A recent article on Coindesk suggests that with bitcoin above $11,000 and the total market cap of cryptocurrencies approaching $500 billion that the cap could move even higher. But just within a few hours, bitcoin has drifted well below the $11,000 level.

How AI can make conversational agents smarter

How can conversational agents be made better? The answer is with an improved human/machine hybrid system that can answer a wide array of questions.

Laser used to wirelessly charge a smartphone

Physicists have used a laser to wirelessly charge a smartphone. This was achieved safely and using the distance of a typical room.

Bigelow Aerospace announces plan to launch its own space stations

On Tuesday, hotel billionaire Robert Bigelow announced the launch of Bigelow Space Operations (BSO). The new company will operate inflatable space stations called B330s, which are being developed by Bigelow Aerospace, also founded by Robert Bigelow.

French company announces an electric scooter running Android

French company Archos has turned from making tablets and drones to produce the first Android-powered scooter named Citee Connect. The dashboard of the scooter has a multimedia display that has all the functions of a phone.

Long-track speedskaters have a bit of technology up their sleeves

Speed skating is an Olympic event where a thousandth of a second can make the difference between who gets a medal and who doesn't, so athletes rely on technology to give them an edge.

Global cybercrime costs $600 bn annually: study

The annual cost of cybercrime has hit $600 billion worldwide, fueled by growing sophistication of hackers and proliferation of criminal marketplaces and cryptocurrencies, researchers said Wednesday.

Qualcomm announces new AI Engine for smartphone apps

Qualcomm has announced a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine for its flagship mobile processors. It creates a mobile AI ecosystem for on-device applications, combining software and hardware components together for optimum performance.

AI cybersecurity provider Vectra raises $36m in funding

Vectra has raised $36m in Series D funding in an investment round led by Atlantic Bridge. The cybersecurity company has developed an AI which uses machine learning to monitor corporate networks. Admins get advance warnings if potential problems are found.

Scientists set off to explore new Antarctic ecosystem

A team of international scientists led by the British Antarctic Survey set off on Wednesday to explore a mysterious marine ecosystem that has lain hidden under an ice shelf for up to 120,000 years.

Banking regulators reluctant to act on 'hyped' fintech

Global banking regulators have indicated they're not rushing to introduce new fintech rules. A report from the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has addressed the "hype" in fintech, comparing it to previous disruption in the financial industry.

Justice Department announces new 'Cybersecurity Task Force'

The U.S. Department of Justice is establishing a Cybersecurity Task Force to help the department combat cyber threats. Its creation has been ordered by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. It will report on the "most effective ways" to address cybersecurity.

Samsung set to launch new flagship smartphones

Samsung Electronics will unveil its next flagship smartphones -- the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ -- on Sunday, after it reported record profits in recent weeks and its vice chairman was released from prison.

Tesla electric cars now dominate in European luxury segment

The Tesla model S has dominated the luxury market in the US its home base for several years but gas-powered premium German cars continued to lead in Europe until now.