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article imageRichie Incognito vandalized own Ferrari, seeks professional help

By Natty Walker     Mar 1, 2014 in Sports
Richie Incognito's NFL career isn't the only part of his life in decline, his mental health might also be suffering from the backlash of alleged racist comments.
The 30-year-old former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman allegedly smashed his own Ferrari FF with a baseball bat. Initial reports suggested Incognito's car was vandalized by unknown suspects, and oddly covered in t-shirts bearing his name. It has since been discovered that Incognito told police he was responsible for attacking his own luxury car, not random vandals.
Incognito's reputation and career crumbled when teammate Jonathan Martin came forward to admit being the subject of hazing and racist comments made by Incognito. In the weeks since, a full investigation by an unaffiliated third party was conducted to inspect the conduct of Miami Dolphins players. The findings were that Jonathan Martin had indeed been bullied and harassed by Incognito, in addition to other teammates.
Damage to the Ferrari FF seems minimal, especially considering Incognito was a 320-pound offensive lineman attacking the helpless car repeatedly with a baseball bat. According to AOL's autoblog, "There are some dings and dents in the hood, and there's a piece of bat lodged in the grille...but beyond that, it looks like this $300,000 Ferrari FF will live to drive another day."
"Art" is the word Incognito used to describe his Ferrari handiwork. He reportedly told Phoenix's Fox 10 News, "Oh that was...that was just me venting. That was my self-expression, that was a...that's a piece of art. The happiest day of my life was when I got that car, and now the second-happiest day will be when I donate it to charity." Incognito continued, "The Ferrari is going to be for sale through my mission, which is helping the brotherhood, whatever brotherhood it is."
Today, NFL Network's Jeff Darlington tweeted, "After a very long few weeks, I can report Richie Incognito has accepted professional help in wake of severe mental stress from Wells report." Darlington added, "Incognito is currently being treated at a facility in Arizona after what has been some very stressful times for him & those closest to him."
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