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article imageOp-Ed: Why Pacquiao would beat Mayweather with two good hands in rematch

By Leo Reyes     Aug 22, 2015 in Sports
Manny Pacquiao has been fighting and winning since 2008 with injured shoulder but his injury became more evident when he started training for his fight against Floyd Mayweather in their record-breaking "Fight of the Century" last May 2.
A few weeks before his clash with Mayweather at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, Pacquiao had already complained of his recurring shoulder injury.
Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach wanted to postpone the Mayweather fight when he learned of Pacquiao's injury a few weeks before the scheduled fight. But Pacquiao and his team were against the postponement for fear that it would jeopardize the fight.
While Pacquiao appeared to have dominated the fight in the early rounds, he complained to Roach as early as the fourth round saying he was already in pain.
"When he came back to the corner, he said he was in a lot of pain. So at that point, there wasn't a lot I could say, other than to just go out there and do your best," Roach said.
Obviously, Pacquiao was indeed in pain at least from the fifth round onward and there was little he could do to reverse Mayweather's domination of the closing rounds.
When Pacquiao disclosed his shoulder injury after the fight, he was severely criticized for making excuses about his loss to Mayweather.
His hurriedly-arranged surgery following his loss proved the severity of his injury. No one in his right mind would wish to suffer in the operating table if there wasn't a need for it.
The notion that Pacquiao had a staged surgery to justify his claim that he could have won against Mayweather if he had two good arms was clearly without basis.
His performance in the early rounds proved that he could have indeed won the fight if his two arms were functioning well.
But he was fighting with just his left arm working in his favor. Mayweather knew Pacquiao's right arm was severely injured as he was seen repeatedly pounding Pacquiao on his right shoulder where it hurts most as he had prior knowledge of the injury.
When Pacquiao got himself injured during training for the fight, Mayweather knew what and when the injury happened. In fact Mayweather admitted that he knew just about anything that was happening in the Pacquiao camp during the training for the fight.
"Everything Manny Pacquiao did in his camp every day, I knew. I knew when he boxed, [and] I knew when he didn’t box. I knew how many rounds he boxed. I knew how he was looking. I know how many rounds he did in the heavy bag. I knew when his legs were cramping," Mayweather said in an interview with
Mayweather had blamed Pacquiao for his loss saying he should have disclosed his injury when it happened and not after the fight.
"What a coincidence! Just after the fight, that's when your arm is hurting. Why didn't you say that a couple days before? I am still going to fight this fight," he stressed.
It was Pacquiao's most lucrative fight ever and his decision to go ahead could have been caused by his fear of the repercussions of his disclosure including the possible withdrawal of support from the networks which could eventually lead to cancellation of the fight.
Floyd Mayweather chatting with Manny Pacquiao
Floyd Mayweather chatting with Manny Pacquiao
Grant Smith / Twitter
While disgruntled fans have initially lost interest in a possible rematch, most of them (60 percent in a recent poll) have expressed interest in watching a fully-healed Pacquiao facing Mayeather in a rematch next year.
Pacquiao has disclosed that after nearly four months, he has recovered from his shoulder surgery and recently called out Mayweather for a rematch.
Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach believes the Filipino boxing star will beat Mayweather in a rematch provided his shoulder injury is fully healed.
“Manny would do much better in a rematch, if the shoulder gets better. We were doing well until the shoulder went in the fourth round and we had a tough time after that. I do think we can beat Mayweather 100%,' said Roach.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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