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article imageOp-Ed: Why Mike Tyson roots for Manny Pacquiao

By Leo Reyes     Dec 24, 2013 in Sports
Manny Pacquiao's improved fighting style and new-found skills as shown in his last encounter with Brandon Rios in Macau, caught the attention of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, saying Pacquiao was sensational against Rios in that fight.
In a recent interview on Sportsnation by host Max Kellerman, Tyson talked a little bit about Pacquiao's fighting style.
Asked which of the present big-time fighters he enjoyed most watching, Tyson said Pacquiao looked "sensational" in his fight against Rios.
“No fighter, in the years I have witnessed, looked more sensational than Pacquiao looked the other night,” Tyson said after watching the fight before the interview. “Name a fighter that looked more sensational than Pacquiao the other night.”
Marcellus Wiley, the co-host of the show, mentioned Mayweather's name during the discussion, but Tyson qualified his comments, saying he did not say who is the better fighter.
“That’s shows you’re a neophyte in boxing. You don’t know much about boxing,” Tyson told Wiley. “No one said who was better. I said there’s nobody in boxing who looked as sensational as Pacquiao looked against Rios,” he added, clarifying that his choice was entirely based on who he wanted to watch, not who was the better boxer.
Tyson, who lost just once in 45 outings before losing to Evander Holyfield twice, noticed that Pacquiao has "transitioned into a better fighter, comparing him to Willie Pep, who was noted for his speed when he dominated the featherweight division in the 1960's."
Pacquiao has evidently matured as a person and as a fighter as shown in his ring dominance against Rios. He was visibly cautious even when there was an opportunity to go for a knockout as every fight fan would expect.
During the Rios fight, fans have noticed a more careful and skillful Pacquiao as shown in the way he executes his corner's instructions.
His trainer Freddie Roach was one happy person after his victory over Rios, saying Pacquiao had done exactly what he and his coaching staff have wanted him to do round after round.
Worth noting was Pacquiao's use of angles to find the right position for a clear shot. He was encircling Rios, moving right and left to execute off-guarded shots to gain points. He wasn't evidently looking for a KO and was happy piling up points. Read more:
It was these notable improvements in Pacquiao's new fighting style that made Tyson an instant fan of the Filipino star.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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