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article imageOp-Ed: Why Donald Sterling won't sell Clippers franchise to Mayweather

By Leo Reyes     May 2, 2014 in Sports
Unbeaten boxing champion Floyd Mayweather loves to talk about his plan to succeed Donald Sterling, the longtime owner of L.A.Clippers, who was recently banned and fined by the NBA for alleged racist comments against minorities.
Mayweather claimed he is a Clippers fan and makes it a point to watch the games whenever he is not fighting in the ring.
"When I'm not boxing, I'm at the games all the time. We do want to buy the Clippers. Me and my team do want to buy the Clippers and we can afford the Clippers," Mayweather said. Read more.
But critics say it won't be easy for Mayweather to land a deal with Sterling even if he considers himself a friend of the 80-year-old Clippers owner.
Mayweather feels he has a cordial relationship with Sterling, saying he has always been treated by Sterling with respect.
Mayweather said "whenever he's attended Clippers games, Sterling "would always walk up to me and tell me that I was invited to any of the games — he'd even invite me to sit with him and his wife."
But the invitation and the usual courtesy being extended to Mayweather do not necessarily mean that Sterling would give him preferential treatment in the proposed buyout.
Basketball and boxing fans know that both men have been embroiled in racial discrimination issues in the past.
In 2010, Mayweather made public apology for his profanity coated, racism-filled rant directed on Filipino boxing star Manny Pacquiao.
The public apology came about after the alleged racial assault on Pacquiao and Asian people created media firestorm as thousands of people around the world have signed in to petition Mayweather's sponsors to drop him as their product endorser. Read more:
Mayweather Jr. of the U.S. celebrates his victory over Alvarez at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las ...
Mayweather Jr. of the U.S. celebrates his victory over Alvarez at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas
� Steve Marcus / Reuters, Reuters
Just a year before Mayweather bashed Pacquiao in an effort to hype his upcoming fights, Sterling paid roughly $2.7 million to settle a lawsuit involving African-Americans, Latinos as well as minority tenants who were tenants of his apartment buildings.
Lawsuits involving minority tenants have either been settled amicably or decided by the courts on merits.
One of the cases filed by one of his property supervisors, a woman named Sumner Davenport, Sterling appeared to have had problems with minority tenants in the case of Ardmore, one of the buildings Sterling bought.
In depositions for her suit, Davenport described interactions with Ardmore tenants. She said that when Sterling first bought the Ardmore, he talked about its odor. "That's because of all the blacks in this building. They smell, they're not clean," he said. "And it's because of all of the Mexicans that just sit around and smoke and drink all day." He added, "So we have to get them out of here," writes.
In his past interaction with tenants, Sterling has shown his apparent dislike for black tenants as well as Mexicans and other minority occupants.
While Mayweather may have good business relationship with Sterling, it cannot be denied that Sterling would prefer dealing with someone in the long list of aspiring owners of the Sacramento-based NBA team, who isn't black or African-American.
Having singled out Magic Johnson in his racist statement as recorded in the leaked audio tape, Mayweather, who is also an African-American like Johnson, should be able to draw a sensible conclusion that indeed Sterling dislikes black people.
Sterling has a wide choice of wealthy people who are interested to buy the NBA franchise and if it is indeed true that he dislikes black people, chances are he wouldn't negotiate with Mayweather.
Mayweather, who is set to face Marcos Maidana of Argentina Saturday night, should be able to read between the lines or he would just be wasting his time on something that is not bound to happen.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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