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article imageOp-Ed: Whinging about Tortorella remarks makes hockey fans seem wimpy

By Marcus Hondro     Feb 26, 2014 in Sports
I haven't gotten a bead on exactly who did all the griping about Vancouver Canucks' coach John Tortorella's words to the effect that he'd prefer Sweden to beat Canada for the gold at Sochi. But whomsoever it was needs a course in sucking it up.
Are we that sensitive? Really? And are we so keyed into our local hockey team that every utterance of their coach is placed under an icy microscope? I mean come on, children, given the context of his remarks this was a proverbial tempest in a teapot, a barrage of goals in a meaningless scrimmage.
Our man Torts, an American and an assistant coach with the U.S. team at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, was asked, pressed, by media (this during a media scrum) to tell who he'd prefer to see win the gold medal game. Clearly he didn't want to answer and clearly he didn't really have a preference. That much was abundantly evident.
So seeking prudence, he hums and haws and finally says that the Canucks on the Canadian team, Roberto Luongo and Dan Hamhuis, weren't likely to play (Luongo didn't, Hamhuis played a minute plus) so he'd go with Sweden. His logic being that if Sweden won it would likely mean Canuck players Daniel Sedin and Alex Edler had played well and would be confident upon their return for the remaining 22 games of the regular-season.
Tortorella: Apologizes to Team Canada
It was simply a remark to keep the hounds at bay but there was enough offence taken that he was moved to offer a rather contrite apology: "If I have insulted anybody, that certainly wasn't my intention," he told media after Tuesday's practice. "But it was a careless use of words and (a subject) where I should be more cognizant. I want to clear that up."
Not only did he proffer that apology but he texted a coach on the Canadian team (he didn't say who) to apologize, asking his apology be passed along to the team's other coaches. Are you kidding me? Was that really necessary? Did someone, Canuck GM Mike Gillis perhaps, put him up to all this? Or was it simply a bellyful of whinging from fans?
It was a silly incident all around and anybody who ranted about it on a talk show or called the Canucks office to complain about Torts' original remark is clearly a person who: 1) has too much time on their hands; 2) possesses a perfect life with nothing whatsoever of concern happening in it; and 3) is overly sensitive.
Which is another way of saying that they are a wimp and my bet is that, secretly at least, John Tortorella is with me on this one.
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