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article imageOp-Ed: V. Stiviano/ Vanessa Maria Perez — Imitation of life redux

By Eliana Robinson     Apr 29, 2014 in Sports
We know all about Donald Tokowitz Sterling’s disgusting remarks. As much as we are mortified and sickened by him, we have encountered this toxic mindset before. Here’s the real question: What the hell is wrong with his girlfriend?
Enter Vanessa Maria Perez aka V. Stiviano
V. Stiviano is the Black/Mexican girlfriend of Donald Sterling. Like Donald Tokowitz Sterling, she also changed her name for acceptance. Her court petition outlines her reason for requesting the change as she “was not fully accepted because of her race.”
So, Ms. Stiviano was not accepted in Los Angeles, because she was Latina? OK.
As much as the recording reveal about Sterling, they reveal even more about Stiviano. When this man tells a Black woman that he does not want other people to see her in pictures with other Black people, I must confess I was waiting for a slapping sound. No? I hit replay hoping to find some loud righteous indignation? No? Instead what we heard was a plaintive whine asking, “Why?”
Suddenly, I was transported to a 90’s episode of Maury Povich, “I Love You, But Not Your Race.”
Ms. Stiviano goes on to ask Sterling, what is wrong with minorities, as if she has chosen to ‘opt-out’ of that category. She points out that she is Black and Mexican, but then apologizes for upsetting him. Could this be the first time she has heard these comments from him? Surely not, since they have been involved since 2010.
When he complains about her taking pictures with Black people, is it just rich and powerful Black people like Magic Johnson or is it regular Black people like her ‘mama n’em’ ? Are the Hispanics he refused to rent to delicate like her or were they of the ‘ese/homes’ variety?
When he points out that she is supposed to be a delicate White or a delicate Latina girl, she does not even flinch at the absurdity. Is it because she does not know it is a ludicrous notion or is it that he has given us to the key to their relationship?
She pretends he’s not a blatant racist and he pretends she’s a delicate White woman with a tan, who accepts his racist tendencies.
Most of us are not foolish enough to believe that changing one’s name, changes one’s parentage. We know that Instagram’ed shots of $5,000 designer bags and expensive champagne, will not change who you truly are. And we know that if Donald Sterling paid for all of the Bentleys in world, the price tag would still not be worth your soul.
Perhaps, she will come to know this truth. Ms. Stiviano, if you don’t know … you’d better ask somebody.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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