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article imageOp-Ed: Mayweather may want to help Pacquiao achieve financial stability

By Leo Reyes     Aug 30, 2016 in Sports
There's a reason to believe Floyd Mayweather cares about his foe Manny Pacquiao. After all, without him, Mayweather won't get a whooping $220 million share as per ESPN estimate two months after their fight on May 2, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
"A source with knowledge of the pay-per-view numbers, which still are not final but have been reported on to a point where a number can be called, told that Mayweather's total for the May 2 fight against Manny Pacquiao will add up to between $220 million and $230 million. Based on the agreed-upon 60-40 split, Pacquiao could wind up earning a little north of $150 million, which would be roughly equivalent to the on-court career earnings of LeBron James," ESPN writes.
There has been no confirmation from the promoters as to the exact amount Mayweather and Pacquiao made until now, apparently for tax and security reasons.
From the $150 million reported share of Pacquiao, there have been reports circulating that Pacquiao did not receive his rightful share of the purse.
"I know he didn't make $150 million," strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza stated to ESNews a few weeks ago, according to Fight Saga. "I saw Manny's check. He didn't make $150 million…I know he didn't make that much. When I say I saw the check, I literally saw Manny's check. He made maybe a tenth of that. Floyd was shocked at what he got."
Ariza may have shown Mayweather what Pacquiao actually got from his reported $150 million share and Mayweather may have been sad to learn about the sharing inequity.
"[Floyd] was shocked at what he (Pacquiao) got." Ariza said. "That’s another reason that Floyd says Manny is in the upper echelons and should become independent so he gets what he deserves," he added.
It is possible Mayweather may be waiting for Pacquiao's contract with Top Rank to expire this year (2016). But it was extended until next year to compensate for the months Pacquiao was unable to fight due to his shoulder injury. It isn't clear what month exactly the contract expires next year.
Floyd Mayweather chatting with Manny Pacquiao
Floyd Mayweather chatting with Manny Pacquiao
Grant Smith / Twitter
Mayweather has been wooing Pacquiao to junk Top Rank in favor of his own Mayweather Promotions. In 2013, Mayweather said the only way for Pacquiao to earn a fight with him is if he signs up with Mayweather Promotions.
"Everybody's like, 'Aw, Pacquiao,' but I'm just letting you know he's not getting a fight with me," Mayweather said. "The only way he's getting the fight with me is if he signs with Mayweather Promotions. He's got to give me fights with Mayweather Promotions. If he don't give me no fights under Mayweather Promotions, then he's not getting the fight. That's how it is working now, because the ball is in my court. The ball has been in my court. I have been the A side."
The offer could still be up for grabs and Pacquiao may just be waiting for next year when he finally sign off with Top Rank to become a free agent.
By then Mayweather may have been done with a tune up fight and ready to do the much awaited rematch with Pacquiao.
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