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article imageOp-Ed: Manny Pacquiao and Chris Algieri, alone at the top

By William Charles Baker     Aug 3, 2014 in Sports
The respect is still there and the challenge to anyone that would ignore the Filipino boxing champion or his Country. However the one opponent that should have been at the top with him, is still missing. Now two proud men must go it alone.
Chris Algieri has a shot at the living legend, politician, entertainment star and boxing champion in multiple weight divisions. There will be but should not be any denial of his eligibility for a shot at the champion. That will come later if he disappoints badly when the fight occurs. Until then best to wait and see, Ruslan Provodnikov may not have been the best test.
Boxing News 24 reports: “This is a disappointing fight in the eyes of a lot of boxing fans, because Algieri has very little power to speak of, and he’s not particularly fast either. There’s not much in Algieri’s game that gives him any kind of chance of beating someone like Pacquiao or even many other fighters at 147.”
Whether Algieri wins or loses the fight to have been in the same ring with the world champion is an honor but not the event that the boxing world has been waiting for. That is not his fault.
Who would have thought when Pacquiao was knocking out guys and punishing them at the same time that this match would ever have happened. Ask Miguel Cotto how he felt afterward or Antonio Margarito whose eye injury was so severe it shortened his career and made you realize that boxing at the Manny Pacquiao level was a war. There are PPV fights that pass by skills and finesse and boxing moves in the now present Floyd Mayweather era.
The dream fight between the two would have been crowded at the top and who could predict what arena could have housed the entire world because that world would have been watching. The Pac-Man fans and the islands on fire as if the whole existence of the people depended on a Manny win. A miniature version of another great champion this nation had in Joe Louis.
Flashy, undeniable, skilled promoter first. fighter second and all the glamor and electronics that have pushed the man to being the richest athlete on the planet. Nobody could know more about the top or the A side where wishes are reality and one brilliant man holds the whole thing together with gloves and a smile than Floyd Mayweather.
Mayweather has somehow remained in the climb for the top with opponents like Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez and danced and moved when necessary and stood firm in the pocket at other times. Still somewhere in your mind you wonder how it would have looked under an assault by the Pac=Man whose in and out style and heart proved vulnerable sometimes but never totally defenseless until Juan Manuel Marcos.
The Richest reports: “Both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have fought everyone there is to fight, and have shown that they are the two best, pound for pound champions in the boxing world; it is now time for the match of the century.”
That’s the way he fights, that’s the way he stands and in spite of claims about his diminished skills I am not yet convinced that a pound for pound championship for all the money, skills and adulation would be a washout by the most skilled fighter.
Chris Algieri may win the fight in November. He may win by a flash knockdown or a series of jabs or some unknown skill we have not seen yet. We have seen Pacquiao knocked cold by a fighter that he had beaten or given the decision against in the Marquez series. Those were big time PPV events and blood and guts type stuff.
This fight is a fight. As a fan you love a fight and when Pacquiao fights I want to see what happens. For me it is all about his heart and the questions about his heart that he has always answered. He was great when everybody was with him headed for the top. Now we see two different venues on two different networks with different announcers and side characters and promoters. One great champion over here and another great champion over there and the mountain top in the middle.
Mayweather vs Maidana 2 on one and Pacquiao vs Algieri on the other. The top awaits what should have happened long ago but nobody should be discounted because they are on the side with the least PPVs or publicity or all access. reports: “MANILA, Philippines – Boxing observers are one in concluding that
the selection of Chris Algieri as Manny Pacquiao’s next opponent presents a huge risk on the Filipino’s pay-per-view earnings. Being a relative unknown even in the US, Algieri faces a daunting task of selling his Nov. 22 fight with Pacquiao, and this is made doubly difficult since it will be held in Macau. Pacquiao’s fight with Brandon Rios, which was also staged in Macau last year, sold only 450,000 PPV buys, a far cry from how the Filipino icon’s biggest fights in the US performed.”
The top could solve all that and break all records and eliminate any controversy about greatness. Put the passion back and remember that great fighters due get knocked out sometimes and can come all the way back to the top.
That would be worth seeing.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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