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article imageOp-Ed: Kansas City Chiefs playoff misery continues

By Manzer Munir     Jan 4, 2014 in Sports
After the Chief's historic loss Saturday to the Colts in the NFL playoffs, I realized I get to call them the Kansas City Chefs for one more year! It seems there is no end to a Chief fan's frustrations over the years.
Yes, it's a big improvement over last year no doubt, but way to lose a playoff game when up by 28 points in the 3rd quarter! Congrats Kc, you now own one of the most epic chokes in NFL playoff history losing to Andrew Luck's Indianapolis Colts in dramatic fashion. It's a good thing this sort of disappointment is not new for us Chief fans since we are the not-so-proud owners of the league leading post season drought with 20 consecutive years without a playoff win!
Some of those "glass half full" Kansas City fans will tell me I should feel good about this season compared to last year when we went 2-14. Sure, compared to that, this is a HUGE improvement. But this is still an epic fail, there is no doubt about that!
Sadly, something tells me that they would have found a way to lose even if they were up 50 points in the third quarter. Some of the younger fans on Saturday thought that the game was won when the Chiefs were up by 4 touchdowns in the 3rd quarter. Reportedly, even some of the Colts fans had given up and left the stadium thinking their team's defeat was sealed when the Chiefs scored again after halftime. Heck, who could blame them for thinking that the Chiefs would lose at that point? During the game, there was a stat that flashed on the screen that said that the Chief's statistical chance of losing the game at that juncture was a mere 0.8%. Yes you read that correct, they had a 99.2% chance of winning at that moment and still found a way to lose!
Not the long suffering die hard old timers though, who are so used to the decades of disappointments, year in and year out. No, these folks knew better. All the while with Luck's Colts staging a historic and furious comeback, slowly whittling the lead, these poor soul's had a growing queasiness in their stomachs as if it foretold them what they were about to witness, a gut wrenching collapse of epic proportions. I guess they just knew all along that the curse of Oz, like the boogeyman, would chase them down and get them afterall.
Trust me folks, people around these parts, they don't talk about it much, but they sure do believe in the sports jinx that affects this area of the country, myself included. Heck I personally don't even question it any more as it does not just afflict the Chiefs but my beloved Kansas Jayhawks as well, year in and year out come March Madness tourney time! Yes, I guess it's just part of the puzzling sports "jinx squared phenomenon" when the land of Oz meets up with the state of Misery.
I hope my fellow Kansas Citians will forgive me if I continue to refer to our beloved hapless team as the Kansas City Chefs for one more year. Until then, Rock Chalk!
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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