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article imageOp-Ed: How long will Mayweather-Pacquiao courtship last?

By Leo Reyes     Jan 19, 2014 in Sports
Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao have been into a long distance courtship for close to four years since Manny took notice of Floyd's charm in 2009 when the Filipino star was at the height of his boxing career.
Floyd caught Manny's attention when his father and trainer Floyd, Sr., was at the other corner of the ring in Las Vegas, Nevada as the Filipino star completed a chapter in his own storybook by beating Floyd Sr's British fighter Ricky Hatton via a devastating knockout win.
Since then, Floyd and his father started throwing trash at Manny, accusing him of indulging in performance enhancing drugs in order to gain advantage over his opponents.
The verbal tussle between Manny and the father and son tandem led to court suit and eventual out of court settlement.
Despite the initial setback, Manny continued to pursue his courtship but as usual, Floyd plays "hard to get" like a girl who changes her mind so often, making it hard for a male suitor to know her real true feelings.
For most of the long distance courtship, Manny took the role of a suitor and Floyd as the charming lady, who is very rich and oozing with lots of skills and talents.
Floyd Mayweather Jr at the presscon of fight with Ortiz in 2011
Floyd Mayweather Jr at the presscon of fight with Ortiz in 2011
Like an old pen pals suitor, Manny continues to make his feelings known to Floyd via the Internet and through print and broadcast media. The potential sweethearts have not met each other personally nor have they touched each other's hands or kiss each other's cheeks.
Floyd seems to possess a rare talent of attracting suitors using his money charm while Manny is playing like a true gentleman who believes that patience and sincere understanding of Floyd's temperament would be the key to get his long-awaited "yes" to their four-year long distance courtship.
For most of the four-year whirlwind courtship, Manny had shown extraordinary patience and understanding as Floyd continues to take him for granted, at times downplaying his achievements as former pound-for-pound king and being the only boxer in the world who has won titles in eight different divisions.
Despite the past racial attacks and liking him to a dog that does not even deserve a bone for a day's meal and all the insults and bullying he suffered outside the ring, Manny has maintained his composure and remained civil, hoping that Floyd will soon have a change of mind.
Manny the consummate suitor, who has not given up his desire to face, touch and embrace Floyd in the ring, is now experimenting on a new courtship strategy that could hopefully change Floyd's mind.
Having been heartbroken for close to four years of courtship, Manny has thought of a way of enticing Floyd to hand over his tightly sealed "Yes" note.
Manny is now proposing that they go on a special ring date to keep their fans happy without the usual glitters that make up a very special date. Manny said that any penny that fans will spend for their ring date, will go to charities that they would choose.
On top of the proposed free ring date, Manny told Floyd that he will agree to everything that his potential sweetheart wants, including random drug test all the way up to the day of the fight as well as all the conditions that Floyd wanted Manny to agree on during their close to four years of courtship.
Manny is now patiently waiting for Floyd's response. As usual, Floyd will most likely pretend that he is not interested and continue to ignore his long-time suitor. He will probably say that money is very important to keep him even more attractive to others.
How long will the courtship last? No one really knows except Floyd.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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