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article imageOp-Ed: Canelo Alvarez vs Miguel Cotto a war waiting to happen

By William Charles Baker     Jul 24, 2014 in Sports
Somebody said that in boxing skills pay the bills and ringside models and beautiful women sell tickets. But skill alone is a gift often unappreciated. Welcome Canelo Alvarez and Miguel Cotto, willing to stand toe to toe and go to war.
From his roots as a teenage prodigy with the unusual red hair through his impressive fighting skills Canelo Alvarez was perhaps more an oddity than someone to be taken seriously as a possible world champion. He proved his believers correct and his detractors to be left to see if the glitter would last.
His five pay per view bouts before the age of 24 lends instant credibility to his ability to fill a stadium and make money in the best way possible in the boxing business. He is a star and his only loss to the legendary Floyd Mayweather Jr does not detract from his other four victories over Jose Cotto, Alfonso Gomez, Shane Mosley, Alfredo Angulo and Erslandy Lara a slick crafty southpaw that danced, punched and evaded him for 12 rounds.
Forbes Reports: “He is the most popular boxer in Mexico where his bout against Mayweather aired on broadcast network Televisa and generated the highest rating in the history of Mexican TV, according to Golden Boy. His April 2013 fight against Austin Trout headlined a card in San Antonio that attracted 40,000 fans to the Alamodome.”
The Lara fight showed his impatience and desire to finally be in the kind of toe to toe warfare that made the old stars well known to the boxing public. Perhaps the one difference being they were boxer punchers that had the kind of skills that Canelo may still have to develop. Still he remains a well seasoned, attractive draw that has not faded but still awaits a turn in his career to reach the next level, either through wiser match making or improvement in skills. Tailored, carefully selected opponents that also have the drawing power to make it happen.
So far Floyd Mayweather Jr has proven to be the master of that ability and why he is the Pound for Pound king of the ring. l there are matches to be made that accomplish certain aspects that embellish the other kind of draw that may lack some of the all access power but that you know will be a hell of a battle.
Calling Miguel Cotto the enigmatic super star whose bloody face has to remain in memory as well as the opponents laying on the canvass that he has walked over like an unstoppable tank headed for glory. Everytime you say that this guy got beat and needs to retire. After beat downs by Antonio Margarito (who he beat in a rematch), Manny Pacquiao, and two unanimous decision losses to Floyd Mayweather Jr and Austin Trout it seemed Cotto had lost his credibility and possibly his skills had diminished and he should retire.
But he gave a lot and stood his ground in all his fights and the ultimate reward for beating Sergio Martinez was an honor well deserved if only because he stood his ground, fought everybody and came back perhaps more reserved and quiet to the public but determined to go on.
Boxing News 24 Reports: “I think people sometimes forget just how good Miguel Cotto really is, and how much of an impact he has had on the sport of boxing. A die-hard fan base, a warrior heart, a likeable personality, and of course, a genuinely exciting fighter to watch, who is never in a dull fight.”
As the lineal Middleweight Champion of the world and four time Puerto Rican world champion he has nothing to prove to the public but who knows what he wants to prove to himself. He has a lot of options.
One of those is Gennady Golovkin the holder of the WBA and IBO Middleweight Belts and with the highest knockout percentage in the division would seem to be the perfect opponent for Cotto. Canelo Alvarez may have a better idea because a Cotto fight at junior middleweight gets two known PPV fighters in a forum where known skills and country cultural ties alwas generate big PPV money. Mexico Puerto Rico what else need be said.
SB Nation Reports: “There's little doubt that this fight would be the best money option on the table for either fighter. Moreover, Cotto's current form under Freddie Roach will convince many that he's more than a viable threat to knock-off Alvarez. It also doesn't hurt that Oscar would love to play up the "Mexico vs. Puerto Rico" rivalry to drum up the promotion.”
This promotion, if a contract can be made is a winner for everybody. The fans get a classic fight without accusations of dancing and running and lack of knockout power. They get a fight with relevant contenders coming off winning streaks that still leave some questions about authenticity.
Cotto fighting in Sergio Martinez a crippled fighter that seemed relevant only in the category of heart and Bravado that chose to have little respect for Cotto until he felt his power. Canelo flailing away at Erslandy Lara with a barrage of punches that made him look at times like an amateur trying to find his opponent.
The public confused and those scoring the fight seemingly in the same position and some for one, some for the other. The main overriding thing seeming to be nobody wanted to see a rematch.
Now to Golovkin who holds the highest KO percentage in the division and a fighter that nobody seems to want to fight. Time will tell but even if he proves to be the KO king of the division Miguel Cotto may be gone and back to junior middleweight where physically he seems to fit better. Now that he is on a roll best to get out with the prestige and fight Canelo where he probably can extend his career a few more years. Either way the best PPV dollar before the end of 2014 hopefully will be Canelo vs Cotto.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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