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article imageOp-Ed: Best NHL all-star game moment was Darryl Sutter's son coaching

By Marcus Hondro     Jan 26, 2015 in Sports
If you get a chance to do something cool, even if its because your Dad is really cool and has the power to make it happen, you might as well go for it. So it was with Chris Sutter, whose Dad just happens to be an NHL coach.
Darryl Sutter, a former NHL player, is the coach of the L.A. Kings, who won two of the last three Stanley Cups. Dad, because of winning last year, was given the honor of coaching one of this year's team in the all-star game Sunday in Columbus.
He took his son along with him.
Now Chris did not simply go and sit in the stands. Being coach of Team Foligno (named after one of the all-stars, Nick Foligno) Dad arranged it so son got to go right on the bench and coach with him. Chris was enjoying it throughout and clearly in his element.
Shots of Chris showed a guy who's learned from watching Dad. He looks like a coach, moves like one, talks to the players like one. The video, and commentary from NBC, indicate just that. He's giving Bobby Ryan props for a goal, telling Alex Ovechkin and Patrick Kane what he wants. Even giving it to referee Chris Rooney.
The game? Not so good. Can't blame the players, they're not gonna bang into one another or play with intensity and get injured, or cause another player to get injured. So the final score — pity the defenseless goalies — was 17-12. For one of the teams, can't recall which.
Mostly what I'll take away though is the wonderfulness of a proud son getting to work alongside his Dad. A young fellow who, with gusto, took full advantage of his opportunity and went for it. And he nailed it.
Chris Sutter, my new favorite NHL coach.
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