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article imageOp-Ed: An open letter to Woody Johnson on signing Michael Vick

By Michael Krebs     Mar 25, 2014 in Sports
New York - An open letter addressed to Woody Johnson, owner of the New York Jets, on having signed Michael Vick to the quarterback position.
Mr. Woody Johnson:
The recent announcement by the Jets management in having selected Michael Vick to the team roster is a stain on New York and on Metlife Stadium — mere weeks after hosting the Super Bowl.
Vick's presence in New York matches his wretchedness, and many people are utterly disgusted that the Jets — as desperate as the team's management might be to win — have signed him.
The cruelty that Vick has inflicted on the dogs within his reach is astounding, and it is believed that you have a moral obligation to the people of New York, to NFL fans, and to the nation as a whole to set an example and cut him loose.
There are no grounds to absolve his cold heart, as it is a dark muscle that contracts within the emptiness of him. There is nothingness in the pit of that man. He ticks in a vapidness where the rest of us know compassion and love and humor and tenderness. He is apart from us— not due to his athletic accomplishments but due, instead, to the features of his own sociopathic making.
And there is no place for him in this great city. There really is no place for him in society.
And yet he is rewarded on your dime. This is your decision; it is your team, after all.
But if you opt to keep him on your payroll, there is hope that your audience — as fleeting as it already is — abandons you outright. And to that end, there is a population that very much intends to pursue as much noise as can be mustered socially on this matter.
Please, for the sport and for the city, let him go.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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