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article imageMan bites man is news in World Cup and meme on social media

By Robert Weller     Jun 25, 2014 in Sports
Rio De Janeiro - Even though it was so obviously a possibility that a Norwegian site had posted odds on it happening, a Uruguayan striker’s bite out of an Azzurri opponent was the rage of the social media Wednesday.
Of course, social media can be like a social disease if the news is bad. It never ends.
And to be honest, a Uruguayan football player just nibbling on an Italian World Cup opponent is nothing compared to what members of a Uruguayan rugby team did to themselves after a plane crash in 1972. It was a helluva scrum.
But again, to be fair, the survivors of the crash of a plane carrying a Uruguayan football team in the Andes only ate other passengers after they had died.
That is their story. And they are sticking to it. Alferd Packer told a judge in Colorado the same thing except that he added he had been attacked before killing members of a group of prospectors he was guiding near Lake City, Colorado.
Associated Press reported a Scandanavian website had posted odds of 175-1 that Urugyan Luis Suarez striker would continue his practice of biting other players even on the world stage in Brazil.
AP said 150 gambled that he would and won money Wednesday. The biggest winner, a Norwegian, got $2,700, said Betsson gambling group spokesman Mikael Mellqvist.
"We have people from all of Europe playing but mainly in Scandinavia,” Mellqvist said.
Winner Thomas Syverson, like the referee of the Uruguay-Italy match, did not see the bite. He
"This is probably the sickest bet I have made, not to mention the sickest bet I have won," Syversen was quoted as saying by the Norwegian Dagbladet daily.
A doctor said it would have been safer if Suarez had kicked Giorgio Chiellini in the nuts.
Uruguay argued that English-speaking media was hyping whatever occurred. Suarez has been caught biting during games twice before, and likely will be severely punished.
On Twitter, the main theme or meme of comments seemed to focus on how Suarez had eaten Italian.
Some ventured to ask if the cup had become the Hunger Games.
Meanwhile, the world football body, FIFA, promised a decision on its investigation of Suarez before Uruguay meets Colombia on Saturday in the knockout round.
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