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article imageFIFA World Cup actually boosted productivity at work

By Milton Este     Jul 16, 2014 in Sports
The whole world’s attention was on the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The television ratings scored huge points during the games as a significant portion of world population turned their television on for the games.
The viewership soared to new levels for the quarterfinals when Brazil defeated Colombia on a Friday. Most of the matches were during weekdays — to be precise, during working hours. This could obviously mean that the employees would be more interested to watch the games thus, reducing productivity. This is definitely bad for employers to see the productivity go down. But that was not the case for some. Employers actually made use of the world cup to boost the output as HP LaserJet 'Pays You Back' campaign shows.
Managers often put restrictions on watching these events if they fall within working hours. But employees are not going to listen and find a way to watch the event anyway. Out of the worry that they might not be able to enjoy the games at the workplace, many call in sick. Managers across many companies understood this problem and let employees watch the games, given that they meet their project goals within the stipulated time.
At some workplaces, they set up a central viewing room and projected the games on a big screen providing a boost in employee morale. Instead of individual employees watching the games on their own devices, why not have a central gathering? This way, the employees felt more connected to each other and had a great time. Not only did they enjoy the game, but also responsibly met the project goals on time because of that feeling of being connected to the workplace. Another workplace set up Brazilian themed food and drink during the half hour break. This increased the excitement among the workers and gave them a chance to socialize. Along with that, they also set up a big screen to watch the games after the work hours. So many workers stayed along late after work to enjoy the games and also got the work done. In case you have employees who need to be out of the office for some reasons, you can provide them with facilities to be connected with the other employees at the office. There are services like Skype and Yammer to get other branch offices connected via video so the business or a company as a whole can enjoy it together.
Those local small businesses who were already doing badly had a chance to come out of their debt or low performance mode during the World Cup. Instead of sitting back thinking about the debt to investors, smart entrepreneurs took advantage of the situation and set up big screens and offered affordable and tasty food for customers. Local restaurant businesses aired three-hour games and along with their usual food services. The owners reported a sharp rise in revenue and the World Cup was like a second chance to their business. Debt settlement can be a long term process, but if entrepreneurs are smart enough, then they can make their lives a bit easy by taking these “real-time” opportunities that come along the way.
If you are a boss and facing issues of low productivity, of $121 million loss in economic output to be exact, during events and games such as World Cup, then you can definitely use this strategy and boost the business output. Of course that will improve your reputation and make you a cool boss. Your employees are not going to be very productive if you force them to work and not enjoy, so why not have best of both world if you can just let them enjoy the games and also keep them aware of their work responsibilities.
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