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Charles Barkley calls Michael Jordan a cheapskate

By Scott Tuttle     Apr 6, 2014 in Sports
In an interview with Conan O'Brien, NBA legend Charles Barkley had some brutally honest things to say about former basketball colleagues Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, claiming there was "nobody cheaper."
As the former basketball star has a reputation for being a generous tipper, Conan asked him to elaborate more on the subject.
“I think it’s important when you’re successful, the waiter, the waitresses, the blackjack dealers, they work extremely hard, they don’t get a great salary,” said Barkley. “The more successful you are, the more you should tip, I truly believe that. … I never went overboard. I tipped $25,000 before. I won about $700,000 at a blackjack. You have to tip. I probably should have tipped more to be honest with you.”
Later in the interview, O'Brien asked Barkley who were the biggest cheapskates he'd ever known. Wasting no time, Barkley immediately turned to two of his former court rivals.
"There's nobody cheaper than Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan. ...Oh yeah, [Jordan is] cheap. I always give homeless people money and he will always slap my hand [and tell me], ‘If they can ask you for spare change, they can say, ‘Welcome to McDonald’s, can I help you, please?’”
This wasn't the first time Barkley made a public statement about Michael Jordan's frugality. In a 2012 Sports Radio interview, Barkley not only said Jordan was "as cheap as they come," but that he was a poor general manager for the Bobcats.
Known just as much for his sharp tongue as for his generous tipping habits, Barkley acknowledges that his 2012 comments really strained his friendship with Jordan.
“Michael is somebody I really like as a person. ...For some reason we just hit it off. It’s frustrating for me right now because we’re not where we used to be. I think he took some things I said about the Bobcats personally and it’s put a wedge between our friendship, and that’s been disheartening for me. Very disheartening. Because one minute we’re close and now it’s strained.”
Along with Jordan and Pippen, Barkley also dropped Tiger Woods' name as one of the cheapest people he knows.
“I think that’s why [Woods and Jordan are] rich. They don’t tip. That’s their secret to being rich, they don’t tip.”
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