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As grief and outrage over the rape and murder of an eight-year-old crescendoed in India last week, a wrenching video of the supposed victim singing "her last song" lit up phones across the country.But it was a hoax.

Fake ad blockers in Google Chrome store fooled 20 million users

Google has killed five top-ranking ad blockers in its Chrome store after it was revealed they were fake extensions that harvested personal information. About 20 million users had installed the fake ad blockers.

Surge in anonymous Asia Twitter accounts sparks bot fears

It has been jokingly referred to as "Botmageddon". But a surge in new, anonymous Twitter accounts across swathes of Southeast and East Asia has deepened fears the region is in the throes of US-style mass social media manipulation.

Asian push to crack down on 'fake news' sparks alarm

Inflammatory stories masquerading as real news pose a particularly toxic threat in Asian countries with long-standing religious and ethnic divides, but promises by some regional leaders to tackle the problem carry equal menace.

YouTube video reunites Indian man with family after 40 years

An Indian man missing for 40 years was to be reunited with his family on Thursday after a YouTube video of him singing a popular Hindi film song went viral.

'Relieve Stress Paint' malware has hit Facebook accounts

In the last few days, criminals have compromised tens of thousands of Facebook accounts using a what at first glance appears to be a paint program for relieving stress.

Google expands distribution of its tool to deal with ad blockers

Google has decided to expand distribution of a tool used by publishers to deal with those who use ad-blockers. The tool launched a year ago in the United States and a few other markets, is now expanding to 31 other countries in Europe and also Canada.

Cambridge Analytica and Facebook are part of a bigger problem

From helping to successfully sway the Brexit vote in the UK, to aiding President Donald Trump's election campaign by the use of false statements and anti-Muslim messages to spread fear and hatred, Cambridge Analytica has changed how we view social media.

China's Weibo backtracks on gay content ban

China's popular Weibo microblogging platform on Monday reversed a decision to block "homosexual" content, in an unusual concession to a storm of online protest at the weekend.

China launches website to report foreign spies

China has stepped up its campaign against foreign espionage with a website in Mandarin and English encouraging people to report national security threats such as bids to "overthrow the socialist system".The website,

Google loses the 'right to be forgotten' case

An unnamed businessman has won a battle in the U.K. courts against Google over the 'right to be forgotten' in relation to mentions on the world's biggest search engine.

'I am gay' protests as China bans 'homosexual' content on Weibo

China's Sina Weibo said it would remove "homosexual" content from the popular microblogging platform, prompting a storm of online protests Saturday under the hashtag "I am gay".

Stiff new licence fees threaten Tanzanian blogosphere

Tanzanians have to pay $900 for a permit to blog, a staggering amount for many in the country, say critics who see the fee as a further bid by President John Magufuli to gag dissident voices.

CEO of shuttered sex classifieds site Backpage pleads guilty

The recently shuttered classified advertising website Backpage and its CEO have pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges, the US Justice Department announced Thursday.

'My mistake': Key Zuckerberg quotes in Senate Facebook grilling

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg appeared before US lawmakers Tuesday to apologize for how his company has handled the growing furor over online privacy, to promise change, and explain the social media giant's policies.

Facebook to offer 'bounty' for reporting data abuse

Facebook said Tuesday it would begin offering rewards to people who report misuse of private information from the social network, as part of an effort to step up data protection in the wake of a firestorm.

Backpage co-founders, executives indicted on prostitution charges

Two co-founders of Backpage and top executives of the classified advertising website have been indicted on charges of enabling prostitution and money laundering.

Kremlin cracking down on internet to muzzle critics, say experts

As Vladimir Putin starts his fourth Kremlin term, authorities are turning up the heat on popular websites and apps ostensibly to fight terrorism but analysts say the real motive is to muzzle critics.

AggregateIQ is not the independent data broker it claimed to be

AggregateIQ, a Canadian advertising tech and audience intelligence company, has been suspended by Facebook for allegedly being closely connected with SCL, the parent company of Cambridge Analytica.

Apps for online safety are counterproductive

In what initially appears to be a surprising study outcome, researchers have concluded that apps designed to keep children safe online may be counterproductive.

Facebook to verify identities, require labels for political ads

Facebook announced Friday it will require political ads on its platform to state who is paying for the message and would verify the identity of the payer, in a bid to curb outside election interference.

India defence website 'hacked', 3 other govt websites down

India's defence minister said the department website was hacked on Friday, with the web portals of at least three other government departments including the interior, law and labour ministries also appearing to be down.

Vietnam arrests another police official over online gambling ring

Vietnam has arrested a second senior police official accused of involvement in an illicit online gambling ring, the Ministry of Public Security said Friday, amid a sweeping crackdown on graft in the communist nation.

Up to 2.7 million Europeans affected by Facebook data scandal: EU

Facebook has admitted it may have "improperly shared" the personal data of up to 2.7 million people in the European Union, the bloc announced Friday, saying it would demand further answers from the social media giant.

China enforces ban on online Bible sales

Bibles have been pulled from Chinese online retailers in "recent days", merchants told AFP on Friday, as Communist authorities ramp up control over religious worship.

Luis Fonsi's 'Despacito' is the most-viewed video on YouTube

International Latin superstar Luis Fonsi has a digital milestone to celebrate. His video for "Despacito" is the most-viewed music video of all time on YouTube.

French court condemns for 'parasitism' of Ryanair website

The Paris commercial court has ordered online travel agent to stop selling Ryanair tickets without the consent of the Irish low-cost airline, slamming the practice as "parasitism"."By using Ryanair's database" lastminute.

Facebook pressed over role in people smuggling

A United Nations migration official called Thursday for Facebook to police its site and its WhatsApp messaging subsidiary for use by abusive human smugglers.

Twitter: 1 million accounts suspended for 'terrorism promotion'

Twitter said Thursday it has suspended over one million accounts for "promotion of terrorism" since 2015, claiming its efforts have begun to make the platform "an undesirable place" to call for violence.

YouTube shooting shows how fake news spirals on social media

Within minutes of the shooting at YouTube offices in California, social media was awash with conspiracy theories and images of the supposed "shooter" wearing a Muslim headscarf.

California to force social media platforms to identify 'bots'

California lawmakers don't think social media companies are doing enough to safeguard consumers, so legislators have proposed a bill that would force platforms to identify automated accounts and deal with them within three days.

Gay dating app Grindr scorched for handling of HIV data

Gay dating app Grindr was under fire on Monday for sharing information about users' HIV status or locations with two companies enlisted to optimize its software.

Malaysia approves 'fake news' law despite outcry

Malaysia's government Monday pushed a law through parliament that makes "fake news" punishable by a maximum six-year jail term despite an outcry from critics worried it will be used to stifle dissent before elections.

Mexico presidential front-runners hit back at Trump tweets

Mexico's top presidential candidates lashed out Sunday at Donald Trump for saying the country was doing "very little" to stop illegal migration, and vowed to take a harder line with the US president.

Microsoft reorganizes to concentrate on AI and the cloud

Microsoft announced another large reorganization today as the company will unify its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and core Windows Operating System into just one team. Terry Myerson, head of the Windows team and a 21-year company veteran is leaving.

Prague extradites Russian hacker to US

The Czech Republic on Friday said it had extradited a Russian hacker to the United States where he is wanted for alleged cyberattacks on social networks.

US visa seekers will have to disclose social media

Travelers to the United States will soon have to submit their social media identities, previous telephone numbers and email addresses, a measure that could touch 10 million people per year.

Indian editor arrested for fake news on monk

Indian police have arrested the editor of a website for publishing a fake report that Muslims had attacked a monk from the Jain faith, officials said Friday.

Leaked Facebook memo questions cost of growth

Facebook troubles worsened late Thursday with the leak of a two-year-old memo from a high-ranking executive hinting that the social network was determined to grow despite risks to users.

Foreign companies in China brace for VPN crackdown

Chinese people and foreign firms are girding for a weekend deadline that will curb the use of unlicensed software to circumvent internet controls, as the government plugs holes in its "Great Firewall".

Bangladesh plans to curb 'digital opium' of social media

Bangladesh wants to limit the amount of time its young people spend on social media, an official said Thursday, flagging plans to curb access to apps it considers "digital opium".
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