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Thai media came under fire Wednesday for publishing images of a man killing his infant daughter in a Facebook Live video, a grim case that sparked outrage and raised fears of copycat killings.

Sweden jails trio for Facebook livestream gang rape

A Swedish court on Tuesday sentenced three young men to prison for gang raping a woman and livestreaming the attack on Facebook.

Thai man murders child, kills himself on Facebook Live

A man in Phuket filmed himself killing his child and then himself on Facebook Live, Thai police said Tuesday, the latest example of the social network's live-streaming function being used to broadcast grisly crimes.

EPA's open data site — The shutdown that's not a shutdown

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) open data website was to be shut down as soon as Friday, April 28, sparking a social media frenzy. This news prompted the EPA to use its Twitter account to reassure people the "rumor" was untrue.

Some Instagrammers can make as much as $1,000 per post

Can you hack it making your living as an Instagram influencer? The money companies are pumping into it is steadily growing, too.

'Vigilante' worm fights Mirai botnet for control of your devices

A new worm is rapidly spreading across the Internet in search of vulnerable smart home appliances. Curiously, it's believed its author is a vigilante white-hat hacker, aiming to fend off the dangerous Mirai botnet that's coordinating IoT attacks.

Police break up WhatsApp child porn image sharing network

Police have arrested 39 suspects in over a dozen countries across Europe and Latin America after busting an online paedophile ring that used the WhatsApp chat service to share images of child sex abuse, officials said Tuesday.

Five state manhunt for suspected Facebook killer

US police widened a manhunt on Monday for a gunman who shot and killed an elderly man on Facebook Live in a seemingly random Easter Sunday attack, and then vowed to continue killing.

Terrorism jokes no laughing matter for Spain's judges

When she posted jokes on Twitter about a 1973 assassination committed by Spain's Basque separatist group ETA, Cassandra Vera never for one moment thought they would land her a one-year jail sentence.

The more you use Facebook the worse you feel: Study

Addicted to Facebook? Enjoy liking posts and making comments? Be warned, a new psychology study has found the more people use Facebook the lower their self-esteem becomes.

Burger King ad sabotaged

An advert for Burger King was sabotaged by someone altering the Wikipedia page for the hamburger chain. The ad has since been removed, but it caused a period of panic for the burger group across social media.

Facebook Messenger reaches another incredible milestone

Facebook Messenger is now used by over 1.2 billion people every month, making it one of the most successful apps ever created. Messenger is now twice as popular as Instagram, another Facebook property, having overcome initial scepticism at its launch.

Facebook accused of not removing illegal material in the U.K.

An investigation by The Times of London revealed illegal terroristic and child abuse content appeared on Facebook and moderators did not remove it after it was flagged. Evidence of the alleged illegal content has been turned over to the police.

Facebook looking at behavior to weed out fake accounts

Facebook said it has started weeding out bogus accounts by watching for suspicious behavior such as repetitive posts or torrents of messages.

Google, Microsoft, Netflix tell FCC not to destroy net neutrality

A trade body representing over 30 of the largest companies in Silicon Valley has met with FCC chairman Ajit Pai to discuss the importance of preserving net neutrality regulations. The FCC is expected to roll back its net neutrality rules later this month.

US takedown of Russian botnet won't end pernicious spam: experts

The US takedown of the huge Kelihos botnet and the arrest of its Russian operator shut down one of the world's top generators of spam and online extortion.

US takes down huge botnet as Spain arrests notorious Russian hacker

US authorities moved Monday to take down a global computer botnet behind the massive theft of personal data and unwanted spam emails, as Spain arrested the notorious Russian hacker who operated it.

Spain detains Russian over US vote 'hacking': legal source

Note: This story is killed because it was based on an erroneous quote. A new version of the story will follow

Italy populists suffer growing pains with online democracy

It aspires to govern Italy but the populist Five Star Movement (M5S) is suffering growing pains linked to the model of direct democracy on which it is run, analysts say.

Dog attacks on mail carriers increasing with online shopping boom

The surge of dog attacks on U.S. mail carriers is believed to be the result of 24-hour online shopping and the dramatic increase of package deliveries. The number of these attacks is expected to increase in the future.

Boy, 11, hanged himself after 'horrific social media prank'

The mother of Tysen Benz is speaking out after her 11-year-old son was taken off life support and passed away. She says her son hanged himself after a social media prank wherein his 13-year-old girlfriend pretended to kill herself.

Pakistan hotline offers safe space for women harassed online

When Pakistani social media starlet Qandeel Baloch was found strangled, a crime to which her brother proudly confessed, thousands of women posted messages denouncing her murder -- only to face abuse and threats themselves.

Twitter rejects US effort to unmask anti-Trump users

Twitter filed suit Thursday against the US government, asking a court to back its refusal to hand over the identities of users claiming to be dissenting federal employees.

EU to end mobile roaming charges in June

The EU will abolish mobile phone roaming charges from June 15 following a vote in the European Parliament on Thursday.

Man uses GoFundMe to try and buy $15,000 engagement ring

A 30-year-old Atlanta man decided to buy his girlfriend an engagement ring. Not just any old ring he could afford but one costing $15,000. Unable to afford that amount, he started a GoFundMe page to raise the money. People on the Internet were not amused.

Most Americans unwilling to give up Internet privacy rights

A Reuters/Ipsos poll released on April 4th found the majority of Americans are not willing to share their personal emails, text messages, phone calls and other online activity with US counter-terrorism investigators even to help foil terror plots.

Bill would ban ISPs in New York State from selling personal data

With President Trump’s final signature, last week’s repeal of the Obama administration’s internet privacy provisions became official.

Facebook uses photo-matching tech to address revenge porn issue

Facebook has announced a new community management tool that's meant to stop revenge porn spreading across its network. A photo-matching system will detect when an intimate image is being uploaded without permission and report the event.

Theft of $45,000 worth of lettuce spawns puns from police

While police in Hamilton, Ontario may never solve this crime, they are sure having a lot of fun using puns when informing the public of what happened and asking for help in locating the culprits.

Germany threatens online giants with 50 mn euro hate speech fines

Germany on Wednesday took the European lead in cracking down against hate speech and fake news, threatening social media giants with fines of up to 50 million euros if they fail to remove offensive posts promptly.

Dutch cyberbully loses bid against Canada extradition

A Dutchman convicted of cyberbullying lost his appeal on Tuesday against being extradited to Canada to face charges linked to the suicide of a teenager who suffered online harassment.

Trump's social media director accused of violating Hatch Act

Dan Scavino, Jr., the White House social media director, is being accused of violating the Hatch Act by sending out a partisan political tweet. A former presidential ethics lawyer is calling on Scavino to be fired.

Industry, academic partners team up to fight fake news

A global alliance of tech industry and academic organizations unveiled plans on Monday to work together to combat the spread of "fake news" and improve public understanding of journalism.

Op-Ed: Vivaldi is a relatively new browser worth trying

There are already plenty of web browsers all of which work relatively well but there are five main browsers that together constitute almost all of those used except for a small percentage of users. Some of the many other browsers are well worth trying.

Congress passes, Trump to sign Internet privacy rollback bill

The House of Representatives approved — and President Donald Trump signaled he will sign — a bill repealing Obama-era Internet privacy rules restricting Internet service providers' ability to track and sell users' online browsing data.

UK targets WhatsApp encryption after London attack

The British government said Sunday that its security services must have access to encrypted messaging applications such as WhatsApp, revealing it was used by the killer behind the parliament attack.

Boy, four, uses collapsed mom's iPhone, tells Siri he needs help

London police released the audio tape of a four-year-old boy telling an emergency operator his mother was dead. The boy managed to unlock his mother’s iPhone and told Siri he needed help. Help arrived and the unconscious woman was revived.

Five things to know about the ISP privacy decision in the Senate

Earlier this week, Senate Republicans struck down Obama-era regulations against Internet Service Providers (ISPs) selling customer information. This has big implications for U.S. Internet users.

Apple downplays iCloud blackmail — but users should be worried

Apple has downplayed reports that millions of leaked iCloud logins are in the hands of hackers who could use the information to steal personal information or wipe devices.

Op-Ed: Kittens grab Trump? Apparently the pussies are winning

Donald Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” campaign line has come back to bite him. Apparently he doesn’t like non-existent pussy cats grabbing him. His lawyers are trying to shut down a website where they do that.

Alleged gang rape of Chicago teen filmed on Facebook Live

Police allege a missing 15-year-old Chicago girl was the victim of a gang sexual assault broadcast on Facebook Live. The video was reportedly viewed by 40 people, none of whom bothered to contact police. The girl has since been found.