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Kazakhstan on Thursday sentenced a man to three years in prison for inciting hatred on social media after he took a swipe at the country's septuagenarian leader and his kinsmen.

EU tells Facebook 'patience at limit' on consumer rules

The EU warned social network Facebook on Thursday to bring its allegedly "misleading" consumer terms of service in line with the bloc's rules by the end of the year or to risk financial penalties.

Facebook building a 'war room' to battle election meddling

Facebook on Wednesday said it will have a "war room" up and running on its Silicon Valley campus to quickly repel efforts to use the social network to meddle in upcoming elections.

Mozilla launches virtual reality web browser

Mozilla has launched a new innovation - a reality web browser called Firefox Reality. Instead of manipulating com commands with a mouse, a user of a VR headset can operate the browser with a hand controller.

Former columnist jailed for 'abusive' posts on Suu Kyi

A former columnist for state media has been jailed for seven years for "abusive" Facebook posts about Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi, a court official said Wednesday, the latest case threatening free expression in the country.

Russians could face jail for not deleting news judged 'fake'

Russians who refuse to take down online information that has been judged "false" by a court could be sentenced to up to a year in prison under a bill approved by MPs Tuesday in a key second reading.

Amazon investigating claims of employees leaking data for bribes said on Monday it was investigating suspected internal leaks of confidential information by its employees for bribes to give sellers a leg up in the $1 trillion dollar company's marketplace.

Russian 'Facebook' bans Myanmar army chief, hardline monk

Russian social media site VKontakte (VK) has followed Facebook by banning Myanmar's army chief and a nationalist monk known for stirring up Islamophobia in a country condemned globally for the treatment of its Rohingya Muslims.

Will EU copyright overhaul 'break' the internet?

EU lawmakers have backed a major overhaul of copyright law that was hailed by some as a much-needed win against Silicon Valley, but its impact on ordinary web-users remains unclear.

Social media have 1 hour to remove terror propaganda: EU bill

The European Union on Wednesday proposed steps to force social networks and websites to remove terrorist propaganda within an hour of receiving the order from authorities, or companies like Facebook and Twitter could face massive fines.

China mulls censoring online religious content

Chinese authorities have drafted sweeping new regulations that would severely restrict religious content online, including images or even descriptions of religious activities from praying and chanting to burning incense.

Japan's 'Twitter killer' charged with nine counts of murder

Japan's "Twitter killer", suspected of murdering and chopping up people he lured on social media, and storing their body parts in coolboxes, was charged Monday with nine counts of murder.

Trump spooked Pentagon with almost-sent tweet on N.Korea: Woodward

US President Donald Trump spooked the Pentagon leadership with a tweet that -- had it been sent -- North Korea would have read as a sign of an imminent US attack, journalist Bob Woodward said in an interview that aired Sunday.

Twitter permanently bans far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

Twitter on Thursday announced it had banned far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones from its platform as well as the account of Infowars, the website he operates.

Op-Ed: Dictators using Facebook against citizens? You don’t say?

The dribbling madness of U.S. politics isn’t the only thing that happens on social media. Social media sufferers may not be too surprised that some governments and various other official criminals are using Facebook to kill their own people.

US condemns Ukraine prosecutor's access to journalist's phone data

The US embassy in Ukraine on Wednesday condemned a court decision to grant the country's prosecutor general access to the phone data of one of the country's top investigative journalists.

US to probe Big Tech on 'stifling' free speech

President Donald Trump's administration warned Wednesday of a possible legal crackdown on big technology companies over competition or political bias, in a bombshell announcement that came as social media executives were defending their policies before...

Saudi Arabia declares online satire punishable offence

Saudi Arabia will punish online satire that "disrupts public order" with up to five years in prison, the public prosecutor said Tuesday, as the kingdom cracks down on dissent.

Op-Ed: Chrome the top web browser now ten years old

When it was first released 10 years ago Chrome was marketed as a fresh take on the browser. It was first launched as a Windows only beta app, before it made its way to Linux and MacOS in 2009.

Back to school for French kids... without their phones

Texting under the table should be a thing of the past when French children return to class Monday following a nationwide ban on mobile phones in schools.

Egypt president approves law clamping down on social media

Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has ratified a law granting authorities the right to monitor social media users in the country as part of tightening internet controls, the official gazette said Saturday.

Worried about Internet Trolls? Troll killing software is here

If you have ever experienced the nastiness of an Internet Troll you'll appreciate the functionality behind a new piece of software called Trollteq, which is designed to 'kill' trolls from your social media streams.

Director Gavras slams 'bad taste' joke after hoaxer tweets his 'death'

The Greek-French filmmaker Costa Gavras was forced to deny rumours of his own demise on Thursday after some media were fooled by a fake ministerial Twitter account announcing he had died.

Facebook to launch video feature Facebook Watch globally

Facebook Watch is Facebook's option for original video content. The tab within Facebook linking to Watch was launched in the U.S. last August, and looks to compete with streaming platforms like YouTube.

Lithuanian media sign pact with govt to counter hackers

Lithuania's major online media outlets on Tuesday signed an agreement to work with the defence ministry as they try to fend off a growing barrage of cyber attacks, largely blamed on Russia.

Trump says Google is 'rigged' with bad news about him

President Donald Trump took aim Tuesday at Google, claiming that news search results were "rigged" against him, which prompted a White House aide to suggest the administration may look at regulating the huge internet platform.

Leading journalists join call for EU copyright reform

Leading journalists from more than 20 countries joined a call Tuesday for European MPs to approve a controversial media reform aimed at forcing internet giants to pay for news content.

YouTube bout earns millions as boxing keeps distance

A boxing bout between YouTube celebrities Logan Paul and KSI has appalled aficionados of the noble art but left the two protagonists laughing all the way to the bank.

Employees being paid to sing Amazon's praises on social media

There is a method behind Amazon's latest stunt to upgrade its image, and that is the company's army of paid employees who are flooding social media with tweets full-time about how satisfied they were at their jobs.

Facebook bans Myanmar army chief, top brass over rights abuses

Facebook banned Myanmar's army chief and other top military brass on Monday after a UN investigation recommended they face prosecution for genocide for a crackdown on Rohingya Muslims.

YouTube will expand number of non-skippable ads on its platform

YouTube is increasing the number of non-skippable ads that will appear on its platform. It announced that all creators who can monetize on YouTube will be able soon to turn on non-skippable ads on all videos.

Russians on trial for sharing memes, networks ask for law change

In 2015, Eduard Nikitin shared a joke on social media about Russia's bleak future. Three years later he is facing trial on extremism charges over this and one other meme.

Trump social media 'censorship' claim is fake but widely believed

There is little evidence to back up Donald Trump's persistent claim that social media firms "silence" or "censor" conservatives, but the notion has nonetheless gathered widespread acceptance among his considerable following.

Op-Ed: Amazon Twitter army of sycophants? Not likely, but…?

There’s an odd group of Twitter Amazon sycophants, posting very standardized good things about Amazon on the global birdbrain. Real or not? Looks more like a work to me, a real deliberate screwup.

Alibaba defies market predictions and shows big growth

Leading social media sites saw unimpressive results during August 2018. These wobbles did not impact on Chinese firm Alibaba. Defying market forecasts, the ecommerce firm recorded 61 percent annual revenue growth.

Time for a non-profit rival to Facebook?

In a period marred by data breaches and where it is difficult to differentiate on social media between real news and fake news, is it time for a non-profit service to rival Facebook? The idea has been proposed by Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Tech giants aim to coordinate fight on misinformation: report

Major technology firms including Facebook, Google and Twitter were set to meet Friday as part of an effort to coordinate the battle against misinformation campaigns by foreign agents, a media report said.

Google blocks accounts in 'influence operation' linked to Iran

Google said Thursday it blocked YouTube channels and other accounts over a misinformation campaign linked to Iran, on the heels of similar moves by Facebook and Twitter.

Google blocks accounts in 'influence operation' linked to Iran

Google said Thursday it blocked YouTube channels and other accounts over a misinformation campaign linked to Iran, on the heels of similar moves by Facebook and Twitter.

Goop to host 'Wellness Summit' in Vancouver in October

Goop, the controversial and much-lambasted e-commerce lifestyle brand founded and led by actor Gwyneth Paltrow, has chosen Vancouver as the site for its first wellness summit in Canada, but not everyone is happy with the idea.

Man arrested over Facebook post depicting Nepal PM as monkey

A man in Nepal was arrested for sharing a doctored image on Facebook showing Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli's head superimposed on a monkey's body, police said Wednesday.