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Review: Surviving is half the battle in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include a true marriage from hell; the last chapter in an epic saga; an unintentional theft; an historical account of a family torn apart by war; a turtle adventure; a tale of unwavering loyalty.

From Med's biggest nesting ground, turtles swim to uncertain future

Kipariss - Freed from its eggshell by a volunteer, the tiny turtle hatchling clambers across a pebble-strewn sandy Greek beach in a race to the sea, the start of a hazardous journey that only one in 1,000 will survive.

On-board toys, pregnancy tests await migrant mothers-to-be

The Ocean Viking is bound for the Libyan coast, and beside stocks of medicine and pregnancy kits, on-board midwife Marina is busy painting a turtle on the ship's migrant shelter.

Death in China zoo puts rarest turtle on cusp of oblivion

Shanghai - The world's rarest turtle has moved a step closer to extinction after a female specimen died in a Chinese zoo, leaving behind just three known members of the species.

Eternal shell: Sacred turtle embalmed in Hanoi

Hanoi - A sacred giant turtle that died in Hanoi's storied Hoan Kiem lake has been given a new lease on life by city authorities who have embalmed the beloved creature for posterity -- and tourist visits.

Migingo Island: a rocky marriage between Uganda and Kenya

A rounded rocky outcrop covered with metallic shacks, Migingo Island rises out of the waters of Lake Victoria like an iron-plated turtle.

New assessment of plastic pollution risk to sea turtles

Pollution of the oceans has been identified as a major risk in recent years. The impact is not only on the appearance of the seas, but the impact on sea creatures and the food chain. One marine animal impacted is the sea turtle.

Better late than never: Mexico turtle declared new species

Puerto Vallarta - Slow and steady wins the race, the saying goes -- and it seems to have worked for a small type of turtle native to western Mexico that has been declared a new species.

Lizard, turtle among more than 100 new species found in Mekong region

Bangkok - A Vietnamese 'crocodile lizard' and a Thai turtle found on sale in a local market are among more than 100 new species discovered in the ecologically diverse but threatened Mekong region last year, researchers said Tuesday.

Sea turtles' sad fate: from restaurant menus to plastic 'soup'

Watamu - Gently, Kenzo the sea turtle is lowered onto a beach where a scattering of bottle caps, candy wrappers, yoghurt cups and discarded flipflops scar an otherwise idyllic setting.

Climate change is adversely affecting sea turtles

Swansea - Sea turtles are endangered animals, with the global population in decline. Risks include hunting, for turtle eggs and skin, and now, based on new research, from climate change.

Hatchlings raise hope for Cambodia's endangered 'Royal Turtle'

Phnom Penh - The birth of nine Cambodian royal turtle hatchlings has sparked hope for the future of a species on the brink of extinction, conservationists said Wednesday.

Environmentalists welcome end to turtle hunting in Canada

Toronto - Environmental groups have welcomed the decision by the regional government of Ontario to stop hunting the endangered snapping turtle.

Flipping happy: Coin swallowing Thai turtle on the mend

Bangkok - A sea turtle dubbed 'Piggy Bank' for swallowing nearly 1,000 coins took swimming lessons Monday as she embarked on a rehabilitation programme following the removal of the treasure trove by Thai surgeons.

Breaking the bank: Thai vets remove 915 coins from turtle

Bangkok - A sea turtle dubbed 'Piggy Bank' has had her fortunes restored after Thai vets removed 915 coins from her stomach -- a deposit built up after years of gulping down good luck pennies tossed into its pond.

Review: ‘The Red Turtle’ accomplishes so much with such a simple approach Special

Oscar-nominated ‘The Red Turtle’ tells the enchanting story of an improbable, loving family and earns Studio Ghibli its sixth nod for best animated feature.

Op-Ed: Top 10 films of 2016

Our top 10 feature-length films of the year were carefully selected from the hundreds of movies watched and reviewed in 2016, and includes a cross-section of genres and awards frontrunners.

Indonesia turtles find new freedom as they scurry into sea

Indonesia - A group of turtles scurried down a beach and glided into the sea, enjoying their newfound freedom after being cared for at an Indonesian conservation centre.

Eight-year-old boy's discovery solves mystery of turtle shell

No other living vertebrate has gone to as much trouble to alter its body in such a way as to afford itself an impenetrable structure for protection as the turtle. But now, thanks to an eight-year-old boy, we may have to rethink why the turtle has a shell.

3D printed turtle eggs to be used to detect poaching

A conservation group has created 3D printed sea turtle eggs containing GPS trackers. The eggs are set to be deployed this fall in Central America during an arribada, or mass nesting event when 90 percent of eggs will be poached from certain beaches.
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