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US senators want Poland to pay Jews for Nazi property thefts

Washington - US senators are urging Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to encourage Poland to pay victims of Nazi property thefts, a move that earned praise from Jewish groups but risked antagonizing Poland's pro-American administration.

New Zealand crypto firm files for bankruptcy after hacker theft

Christchurch - Cryptopia Limited, a New Zealand firm which operated a cryptocurrency exchange with over 300,000 accounts from around the globe has filed for US bankruptcy protect after hackers managed to steal more than US $16 million from the company.

Report claims majority of cryptocoin thefts are by two groups

New research suggests that just two groups are responsible for a majority of cryptocurrency hacks up to now. Chainalysis , a company that provides blockchain software, made the claim in a recent report.

Effects of fuel theft crackdown in Mexico growing daily

Mexico - The government of Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador has cut off the gas supply in a number of key pipelines transporting fuel from refineries in Mexico, leaving consumers to endure closed gas stations or long lines in the few that are open.

Gasoline shortage in Mexico getting worse due to fuel thefts

A gas shortage crisis is affecting at least four states in Mexico, drawing the ire of motorists and business owners and causing long lines at service stations that haven’t run out.

Calgary police release video showing dangers of vehicle thefts

Calgary - The Calgary Police Service released a video showing the public the dangers of vehicles being driven by car thieves. As the number of car thefts is increasing, police are also advising people how to prevent their vehicles from being stolen.

There's a bike lock that makes thieves immediately vomit

SkunkLock is a bike lock that causes thieves to vomit immediately. One of the inventors of the device said they're fed up with thefts.

Dozens jailed for insider thefts at French auction house

Paris - A Paris court on Tuesday jailed 35 former porters from the prestigious Drouot auction house for stealing precious antiques, jewels and artworks in an insider racket thought to date back decades.

Thieves in truck drag ATM machine right out of Saskatchewan town

Thieves dragged an ATM machine right of a small Saskatchewan town in the early hours of Sunday morning, pulling it out the main drag and onto the highway. It's the latest in a string of ATM thefts in the province.

Oracle's hugely popular point-of-sale payment system hacked

Computing giant Oracle has warned customers of its MICROS point-of-sale payment systems that cybercriminals have infected the service with malicious code. The software is used in 180 countries. The attack could explain a recent series of retail thefts.

Germany tries three migrants for thefts in New Year chaos

Cologne - German courts Wednesday tried three North African men for crimes committed on New Year's Eve in Cologne when hundreds of women reported being sexually assaulted or robbed.

Meat thefts out of control as Canadian food prices soar

As food prices continue to rise across Canada, meats are flying off grocery store shelves and moving straight out the doors, as thieves rush to make profits on stolen goods.

Oh my Gouda! Dutch cheeses hit by spate of thefts

Den Haag - Dutch cheese makers have been hit by a spate of top-end cheese thefts, prompting a dairy federation to warn farmers Friday to beef up security around their storerooms.

76 thefts of radioactive items from Los Alamos recorded in 2015

Los Alamos - It sounds a little unreal, but according to federal officials, workers have stolen radioactive materials from the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in New Mexico numerous times this year. Actually, make it 76 times in 2015.

Mexico imports gasoline as thefts cause shortages

- Mexico is importing 75,000 extra barrels of gasoline per day in an "unprecedented" move to mitigate shortages in several states caused by illegal pipeline taps, authorities said.

Dramatic fall in phone theft as kill switches installed

Smartphone thefts have fallen dramatically in three major cities across the world after manufacturers began adding remote "kill switches" so users can disable stolen devices, according to reports.

Argentina tries doctors for dictatorship baby thefts

Buenos Aires - Two doctors and a midwife went on trial in Argentina on Wednesday accused of delivering political prisoners' babies and helping the country's former military regime steal them from their parents.

Angry residents torch homes of alleged robbers in Spanish town

Estepa - A spate of robberies in the town of Estepa in Seville province, southern Spain, has got the residents angry. After protesting in the streets about the robberies, they took matters into their own hands, torching the homes of the suspected criminals.

Cannes on alert after diamond heists

Paris - Movie stars like to sparkle on the red carpet but security is being tightened in Cannes this year after a spate of increasingly audacious thefts highlighted the ease with which jewel thieves can strike.

Smartphone companies promise 'kill switch' to reduce thefts

For many months, the smartphone industry resisted the idea of installing "kill switches" in mobile devices that would allow owners to disable them in the event of theft or loss. Now it looks like the industry has changed its collective mind.
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