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Poland speeds changes to Supreme Court amid EU row

Warsaw - Poland adopted legislation Friday aimed at speeding up the process of replacing the country's disputed Supreme Court chief justice who has refused to step down under a retirement law the EU has called a threat to judicial independence.

Peru's Supreme Court president resigns over corruption scandal

- Peru's Supreme Court chief justice resigned Thursday after the publication of a series of audio recordings sparked a growing scandal over the sale of sentences and influence peddling.

Iran lodges complaint against US over renewed sanctions

Tehran - Iran has lodged a complaint with the International Court of Justice against the United States' reimposition of sanctions, the foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

India's top court demands government act to stop lynchings

New Delhi - India's Supreme Court on Tuesday asked the government to enact a new law and stem what it called "horrendous acts" of lynching, after some 22 people were killed by mobs this year.

Iran's Khamenei seeks better ties with the world, apart from US

Tehran - Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei has called for better ties with the world -- though not with the United States, according his official website on Monday.

Supreme Court orders Spain to take in more refugees

Madrid - Spain's Supreme Court has ordered Madrid to take in more refugees after ruling it had not honoured its EU commitment to accept least 16,000 asylum-seekers from Italy and Greece, it announced Wednesday.

Battle begins over Trump's Supreme Court pick

Washington - Lawmakers fired the opening shots Tuesday in a bitter political battle to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, the conservative judge tapped by President Donald Trump to fill a key vacancy on the US Supreme Court.

Spain court orders Puigdemont suspended as lawmaker

Madrid - Spain's Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont and five other separatists be suspended as regional lawmakers after concluding a probe into their secession bid.

Trump names Brett Kavanaugh to Supreme Court, Senate battle looms

Washington - President Donald Trump on Monday nominated conservative judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court, a decision likely to cement a rightward tilt on the top judicial body with momentous implications for American society.

Supreme Court pick Kavanaugh: Bush loyalist, conservative stalwart

Washington - Brett Kavanaugh, tapped by Donald Trump to fill a crucial Supreme Court vacancy, is a robust supporter of the executive power of the presidency, and a jurist who has demonstrated his staunch conservative credentials on multiple occasions.

Trump nominates conservative Brett Kavanaugh to Supreme Court

Washington - President Donald Trump Monday nominated conservative judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court, a decision set to tilt the top judicial body further to the right with momentous implications for American society.A former advisor to George W.

Trump poised to announce US Supreme Court nominee

Washington - President Donald Trump was poised Monday to nominate a new conservative judge to the Supreme Court, a decision with momentous implications for America on everything from abortion to guns to immigration.

Trump to name Supreme Court nominee, battle to ensue

Washington - President Donald Trump is to announce his US Supreme Court pick on Monday, an intensely anticipated decision that opposition Democrats say will likely push the bench rightward with explosive implications for the country.

Kim Dotcom loses New Zealand extradition appeal

Wellington - Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom suffered a major setback in his epic legal battle against online piracy charges Thursday when New Zealand's Court of Appeal ruled he was eligible for extradition to the United States.

Polish Supreme Court's top judge to defy 'purge'

Warsaw - Poland's Supreme Court chief justice has vowed to show up at work on Wednesday in defiance of a retirement law pushed through by the right-wing government but criticised by the EU as undermining judicial independence.

Polish presidency says top Supreme Court justice to retire

Warsaw - Poland's presidency announced Tuesday that the top Supreme Court justice would retire on July 4 in line with a reform by the rightwing government that has been criticised by the EU.

Poland's Supreme Court justice vows to defy retirement order

Warsaw - Poland's Supreme Court chief justice was set for a showdown with the EU country's president on Tuesday, vowing to defy controversial reforms pushed through by the right-wing government forcing top judges to retire early.

Democrats make abortion focus of Supreme Court fight

Washington - Access to abortion and health care will be at the heart of the looming battle over the appointment of a new Supreme Court justice, with all eyes on a handful of senators with the power to endorse or block President Donald Trump's choice.

EU starts legal action against Poland over Supreme Court reform

Apo - The EU on Monday launched legal action against Poland over its controversial Supreme Court reforms, in the latest round of a bitter spat between Brussels and the right-wing government in Warsaw.

Trump to announce Supreme Court pick July 9

Bedminster - President Donald Trump said Friday he will announce his nominee to be the next US Supreme Court justice on July 9, a decision with momentous implications for the country's future.
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