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French police hit with poo bombs at 'yellow vest' protests

Marseille - French police are facing a new form of weapon during "yellow vest" protests -- bags of fecal matter thrown bomb-like by demonstrators.On Saturday "bags filled with faeces were thrown at police and exploded.

Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited acquires Poo Bear musical catalog

On November 16, 2018, it was announced that The Board of Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited acquired Poo Bear's catalog of music.

An Indian village's fight to take the 'poo to the loo'

- Indian farmer Kokila Damor always looked forward to visiting the city hospital, but only so that she could use its toilet.

Nappy change: Dutch to turn diapers into furniture

Den Haag - Fed-up with a growing mountain of stinking disposable nappies, a Dutch firm Tuesday started building the country's first recycling plant to turn poo into profit.

Venezuela official says demo poo-bombs 'chemical arms'

Caracas - Venezuelan anti-government protesters who have been throwing human excrement at riot police during demonstrations are resorting to use of "chemical weapons", a senior Venezuelan official said.

Venezuela protesters bring 'poo bombs' to hurl at cops

Caracas - Venezuelan protesters hit the streets on Wednesday armed with "Poopootov cocktails," jars filled with excrement which they vowed to hurl at police as a wave of anti-government demonstrations turned dirty.

Rhinos return to same location to poop, and for good reason

White rhinos return to the same communal spot to poo, according to a new study. This allows the animals to pick up information about each other from the dung. The area acts as a type of 'social network.'

Danish bishop's 300-year-old poo offers whiff of history

Copenhagen - A 300-year-old lump of faeces from a Danish bishop has shown researchers that he had a cosmopolitan diet that included grapes, figs and pepper, a Danish archaeologist said on Friday.

Plane drops frozen excrement, smashes house roof

Nepean - One of the odder stories of the week: 'frozen excrement' is dropped from an airplane and it crashes through house roof at high speed.

Scientists look at panda poo for biofuel clues

Researchers in Belgium are looking at excrement of giant pandas in hopes to find clues on how to develop new generations of biofuel.

Britain's poo-powered bus sets a land-speed record

The land-speed record for the world's fastest service bus was broken last week by a vehicle powered not by polluting diesel but rather clean and green poo. The feat, set by the "Bus Hound," was achieved in Britain and has since been verified as accurate.

New Japan volcano island 'natural lab' for life

Toukyo - A brand new island emerging off the coast of Japan offers scientists a rare opportunity to study how life begins to colonise barren land -- helped by rotting bird poo and hatchling vomit.

Op-Ed: Poo Power—DiY waste-to-energy and water conservation

Home biogas reactors, used throughout China and India, turn human waste into energy, conserve water, and stop fresh water pollution. Why don’t we have these systems in the U.S.?

UK's first ever 'poo bus' hits the road

Bath - Yesterday the first ever poo bus in the United Kingdom hit the streets. The bus is powered on human waste and food waste.

Spanish scientists examine world's oldest human poo

On examining 50,000-year-old human excrement, geoarchaeologists have figured out that our Neanderthal ancestors were probably omnivorous, or vegetarian. The remains were found at the El Salt Neanderthal site in Alicante in eastern Spain.

Dog poo attracts huge fines in Vienna, Austria

Vienna - Viennese photographer Daniel S. made the mistake of forgetting a "doggy bag" when taking his dog, Kessja, for a walk in the city. She did what comes naturally on the grassy verge of the road and he got hit by a 470 euro fine.

Spain town hires poo 'detective' to spy on dog owners

Madrid - Fed up of dog dirt underfoot on its streets, a Spanish town has hired a detective to catch owners who fail to pick up after their pets, officials said Wednesday.

Man mailed cat feces to companies that didn't hire him

On Friday a man in St. Louis received two years probation for mailing cat feces to companies that didn't hire him. He plead guilty to mailing injurious articles.

Op-Ed: PPP Poll — Folks prefer dog poo, hemorrhoids, over Congress

Washington - Numbers are fun. They can be very revealing. They can tell us things about ourselves and how we see the world. And depending on how the questions in a poll are worded, they can give us a good idea of how we're doing as a nation in the good old USA.

South Africa's 'poo wars' see arrests of poo packing protestors

Cape Town - Protesters carrying bags reportedly full of human feces converged on the streets of Cape Town to protest the city's poor sanitation situation. Some 180 have been arrested but not before some of the bags were hurled into government offices.
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