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As tides rise, flooded Venice awash with colourful plastic boots

Venice - After a high tide swept through Venice causing widespread devastation, plastic boots are everywhere.

Paving highways using recycled plastics in a circular economy

In 2017, the world's largest plastic producers, Dow Chemical, began building roads using recycled plastic waste. In March, the UK plastic road company MacRebur opened an entire factory that does nothing but turn plastics into an asphalt mix for roads.

Syria puppeteer offers Idlib children breathing space

Sar - Walid Abu Rashed walks past bombed-out buildings in war-torn northwest Syria, carrying a large wooden board and a plastic bag filled with puppets while dozens of children trail behind him.

Japan retailers to charge for plastic bags from 2020

Apo - Japanese retailers including supermarkets and convenience stores will be required to charge for plastic bags from next summer ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, a government panel agreed Friday.

Ocean Cleanup unveils 'Interceptor' — Cleans up plastic in rivers

Rotterdam - A young Dutch inventor is widening his effort to clean up floating plastic from the Pacific Ocean by moving into rivers, too, using a new floating device to catch garbage before it reaches the seas.

Iran TV airs interview with jailed 'zombie' Instagrammer

Tehran - Iranian state television has aired an interview with an Instagrammer famous for drastically altering her appearance through plastic surgery to look like a zombie and arrested for alleged "blasphemy".

Big firm products top worst plastic litter list: report

Manila - Tens of thousands of pieces of plastic littering the planet come from just a handful of multinational corporations, an environmental pressure group said Wednesday.

Method found for creating virgin quality plastics from waste

A research group has developed an efficient process for breaking down any plastic waste to a molecular level. The resulting gases can then be transformed back into new plastics - of the same quality as the original.

Climate crisis spurs action at 'green' Frankfurt book fair

Frankfurt Am Main - From children's books about reducing plastic to tips for zero-waste cooking, the climate crisis is dominating this year's Frankfurt book fair.

Consumer giant Unilever vows to slash use of virgin plastic

British-Dutch transnational consumer goods company Unilever says it plans to halve the amount of new plastic it uses in a bid to appeal to younger shoppers. The firm is responsible for producing 700,000 tons of new plastic a year.

Modi hails toilet 'milestone' as India marks Gandhi's 150th

Ahmedabad - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday declared the country of 1.3 billion people free of open defecation, and turned his sights towards eradicating single-use plastic next.

Chinese merchant ships main source of plastic waste in the ocean

Inaccessible Island sits between Argentina and South Africa in the South Atlantic Ocean. It is described as a "remote, uninhabited island with a very high macro-debris load." Researchers wanted to find out where all the plastic waste was coming from.

Do Canadians really know where their plastic waste ends up?

Canadians are taught to recycle plastics - with the belief the waste plastic is being refashioned into something useful. CBC's Marketplace wanted to track the lifecycle of Canadian plastic, so they put trackers in plastic bales.

Combining wood fibers and spider silk for new materials

A combination of wood fibers and spider silk could create a new type of material that can rival plastic in terms of versatility but without the negative impact upon the environment, new research shows.

Environmental activists pluck plastic from world's beaches on mass cleanup day

Paris - Thousands of volunteers wielding nets and bin bags scoured coasts, parks and riverbanks across the globe Saturday, in a litter-picking drive highlighting the vast quantity of trash dumped worldwide, a day after mass international climate protests.

29 bodies found in plastic bags in Mexico mass grave

Guadalajara - Mexican forensics experts have found at least 29 bodies stuffed in 119 plastic bags that were dumped in the bottom of a well outside the western city of Guadalajara, officials said Tuesday.

Lilly, Thailand's Greta Thunberg, wages 'war' on plastic

Bangkok - Skipping school to glide through a dirty Bangkok canal on a paddleboard, Lilly fishes out rubbish in her mission to clean up Thailand, where the average person uses eight plastic bags every single day.

Lesotho, Africa's medical cannabis pioneer

Vast white greenhouses sit high up on the slopes of Lesotho's Marakabei town, hidden from view. It's not fruit or vegetables, however, growing under the 18 plastic covers, but thousands of cannabis plants.

Return to sender: Malaysia seeks origin of tons of plastic waste

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia wants to return almost 200 shipping containers believed to contain plastic waste, officials said Thursday, but first they need to work out where they came from.

Air India to stop using single-use plastic on flights

Mumbai - Debt-ridden Air India said Thursday it will stop using single-use plastic and replace packaging with eco-friendly paper and wooden cutlery, as the government ramps up its "clean India" mission.
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