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Mauritius takes stock of oil spill two months later

Nairobi - On July 25, a cargo ship loaded with thousands of tonnes of fuel ran aground off Mauritius, leading to the worst environmental disaster ever witnessed in the tiny Indian Ocean archipelago.

A massive ‘tsunami’ of plastic waste covers Honduras beaches

A massive wave of trash has washed up on the beaches of Omoa in northern Honduras, leaving pristine tropical beaches blighted by piles of garbage. The trash, bobbing in the ocean and piled up on the beach, is mostly plastic refuse.

If Arctic ice melt doesn't boost sea levels, do we care?

Paris - US government scientists reported Monday that the Arctic Ocean's floating ice cover has shrivelled to its second lowest extent since satellite records began in 1979.

A very different kind of Mayflower is launching from Plymouth, UK

Dignitaries, seafarers and scientists were gathering in Plymouth, England, on Wednesday to mark the 400th anniversary of the departure of the Mayflower, the ship that carried a group of Puritan settlers to a new life across the Atlantic Ocean.

It's official: La Nina has arrived, but what does this mean?

A La Nina climate pattern has developed and is likely to persist through the winter, according to an advisory issued by NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center. What does this mean for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere?

Tanker salvage begins as Sri Lanka battles oil slick

Colombo - International experts boarded an oil tanker stricken off Sri Lanka to begin salvage operations, the navy said Thursday, as firefighters looked to contain a large oil slick in the Indian Ocean.

Crewman killed as oil tanker fire rages for second day off Sri Lanka coast

Colombo - A Panamanian-registered oil tanker burned out of control for a second day off Sri Lanka on Friday as authorities confirmed a Filipino crew member was killed in an explosion and fears grew of a major new oil spill in the Indian Ocean.

Mauritian citizen becomes powerful voice for oil spill anger

Port Louis - In normal times, Bruneau Laurette spends his days providing armed escort to ships dodging pirates as they head through the Indian Ocean.

2 dead as Mauritius oil spill clean-up boats collide

Port Louis - The prime minister of Mauritius said Tuesday two sailors were dead and two others missing after a tugboat assisting in a major oil spill clean-up off the Indian Ocean island collided with a barge.

Landmark protest in Mauritius over giant oil spill

Port Louis - Tens of thousands of Mauritians protested Saturday in the capital Port Louis over the government's handling of a giant oil spill off its pristine Indian Ocean coast.

Stricken ship behind oil spill sunk off Mauritius

Port Louis - The broken stem of a Japanese-owned ship which ran aground causing a devastating oil spill in pristine waters off Mauritius, has been successfully sunk in the open ocean, the national crisis committee said Monday.

Tropical depression to become a hurricane as it eyes Florida

Two tropical depressions have now formed in the Atlantic Ocean, and both are expected to strengthen into tropical storms in the coming days, with one expected to reach hurricane status as it approaches Florida.

Atlantic plastic levels far higher than thought: study

Paris - There may be more plastic floating just beneath the surface of the Atlantic ocean today than the estimated total weight of plastic waste dumped in it since 1950, new research showed Tuesday.

Another tropical storm has formed, but there is more to the story

Tropical Storm Josephine has formed in the Atlantic Ocean, but this storm might be short-lived since it will battle increasingly unfavorable conditions as it tracks north of the Leeward Islands this weekend.

The Japan firms behind Mauritius oil-leak ship

Apo - The Japanese firm that operates a ship leaking fuel off the coast of Mauritius has been involved in accidents before, including a 2006 oil spill in the Indian Ocean.

Damaged ship leaking oil off Mauritius could split: PM

Port Louis - A ship that ran aground off Mauritius leaking tonnes of oil into the ocean is cracking, the prime minister said Sunday, threatening an even greater ecological and economic disaster for the island nation.

The Florida Current has been weakening during the past century

New research suggests the strength of the Florida Current, which forms the beginning of the Gulf Stream, has weakened considerably over the last century.

Charities to resume migrant rescues in Mediterranean

Paris - Humanitarian organisations will resume migrant rescues this month in the Mediterranean Sea, where none have operated since the Ocean Viking vessel docked in Italy in early July, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and Sea-Watch said Thursday.

Defying virus, Latvian ocean rower plans next adventure

Riga - After spending 140 days rowing across the ocean without seeing another human being, Latvian adventurer Karlis Bardelis has some valuable tips for those learning to cope with coronavirus lockdowns.

Tropics heating up with three storm systems threatening U.S.

Hurricane Douglas in the Pacific Ocean threatens the Hawaiian Islands. Meanwhile, Tropical Depression Eight is spinning about 415 miles from Port O'Connor, Texas. And in the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Gonzalo is expected to become a hurricane by Friday.
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