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Recycle: Old newspapers used to grow carbon nanotubes

Swansea - A study shows how old newspaper can be used as a low-cost and green solution for the large-scale production of single walled carbon nanotubes. The nanotubes can be used in electronics and optics technology.

New tractor beam used to alter quantum computing materials

Scientists have used light-based technology, based on optical tweezers, to control a fluids and assemble nanoscale semiconductor materials precisely into larger structures.

Nanolaser developed to treat neurological conditions

A tiny, biocompatible nanolaser can function inside living tissues. This technology could be used to treat several neurological conditions, according to a new research study.

Nano-engineered cuttlefish ink may hold cancer cure

Medical technologies produce nanoparticles like photothermal agents, that when irradiated can destroy cancer cells. These synesthetic chemicals are expensive; a new research stream has turned to the humble cuttlefish for an alternative.

Will you next computer be made using graphene and bacteria?

To develop more efficient computers, along with medical devices, scientists are examining nanomaterials. These are materials manipulated on the scale of atoms and which exhibit unique properties, opening a gateway to advanced technology.

Op-Ed: The Internet of Thought aka a new global imbecility

Sydney - The Internet of Thought is an ambitious idea to link minds to the Cloud, using nanotechnology. You and your synapses will be able to wander lonely as a cloud through the cloudy clods.

Q&A: How companies can use IoT to enhance operational efficiency Special

To boost efficiencies, companies adopt IoT to enhance operational efficiency and inventory management. One pioneering application of IoT is with the supply chain space, applying nanotechnology. Scott Fletcher of LocatorX explains more.

CES 2019 — Preview of some of the expo's hottest new gadgets

Las Vegas - The CES trade show opens in Las Vegas next week. Most of the big names in tech and many start-ups - will all be competing for attention - some with overhyped gadgets, meaningless concepts, and just plain dumb ideas - But CES 2019 is optimistic.

Op-Ed: A real bio virus is being used to speed up computers

Cambridge - You hear a lot about computer viruses, but a new bit of technology has come from the use of a biological virus. It’s called “phase change memory”, and it relates to memory management in two states, “amorphous” and “crystalline” memory.

Increasing lithium-ion battery power with nano-sponge

The use of a nano-porous silicon material has enabled researchers to boost the power of lithium-ion batteries by around 50 percent. This is through improving the uptake of lithium ions within the battery.

How graphene can advance quantum computers

Researchers have been investigating how graphene can be used as a nanoscale electron trap. This discovery has several potential applications in quantum computers, helping technologists on the path to building more advanced computers.

World's first all optical calculator developed

The world’s first calculator that uses light in order to perform binary calculations has been developed. All calculator developed previously rely on conventional current. The new calculator has been made possible with nanotechnology.

Nanoparticles can help battle brain cancer

Researchers have come up with a new drug-delivering nanoparticle which may provide a more effective means to treat the brain cancer glioblastoma. The particles are equipped to transport two different drugs.

AI-based method speeds up development of nanoparticles

Boston - An artificial intelligent based method could accelerate the development of specialized nanoparticles, according to a new proof-of-concept study.

World's smallest house made using nanotechnology

Bescat - Scientists have assembled the world’s smallest house by using a combination of robotics and nanotechnology. The micro-house even has a door that a house mite can fit through.

Nanoparticles assisting with cancer drug discovery

Toronto - A new medical technology has been developed, in the form of a liquid biopsy”. This Canadian technology is designed to detect those patients who may not respond to conventional chemotherapy for prostate cancer.

Ancient paper influences smart clothing

Smart and connected clothing is receiving considerable investment, even if the take-up from the public remains muted. An example of a new design in fabrics is where variations of origami have provided inspiration.

Review: All weather 'Lotushirt' made by nanotechnology Special

Two major Asus alums have founded the Fiber Secret company to bring tech-industry innovation to the stuffy world of men’s clothing and Lotushirt is its first product. At the heart of the clothing are nanofibers.

Nano-drops improve shortsightedness

Tel Aviv - A new type of medicine, described as a ‘nano-drop’, has been designed as a cure for shortsightedness and nearsightedness. This is an alternative to conventional laser correction techniques and to wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Essential Science: Nanotechnology provides antimalarial drug

Malaria affects millions of people worldwide and it is one of the world’s most dangerous diseases. In a positive development, researchers have developed a new medicine, described as ‘long lasting’, to aid the prevention of malaria.
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