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8 in 10 French people believe a conspiracy theory: survey

Paris - Around eight out of 10 French people believe in at least one conspiracy theory, according to a survey that tested some of the most famous ones on a group of 1,200 people.

Einstein's theory of happy living emerges in Tokyo note

Jerusalem - A note that Albert Einstein gave to a courier in Tokyo, briefly describing his theory on happy living, has surfaced after 95 years and is up for auction in Jerusalem.

Network Theory applied to search for minerals, oil and gas

Finding oil, gas, and mineral deposits, such as gold or copper is time-consuming and costly. But scientists are adopting some techniques used by Netflix and Amazon to sort through vast amounts of data.

Op-Ed: Using quantum theory to explain humor? It’s dumber than it looks

Vancouver - For many years, people have been saying that analyzing humor is pointless. That hasn’t stopped people trying, and failing, regularly. You also have to wonder why humor, of all things, needs an explanation.

Op-Ed: Famous American economist Kenneth Arrow dies at age ninety-five

Kenneth Arrow was an American economist, political theorist, and writer. In 1972 he won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics jointly with John Hicks

Scientists develop new theory on how Earth's moon was formed

A new theory about how Earth’s moon was formed has been advanced. It speculates that several extra-terrestrial objects struck Earth creating a series of small moons or moonlets. These moonlets gradually merged to form the moon we see today.

Review: ‘Constellations’ tries to find string theory in relationships Special

Toronto - Not everybody finds quantum physics romantic or sexy. British playwright Nick Payne evidently does, as his acclaimed 2012 stage hit “Constellations” tries to examine different incarnations of a relationship between two scientists.

'Contract theory' earns pair Nobel Economics Prize

Stockholm - Two US-based academics won the Nobel Economics Prize on Monday for groundbreaking research on contract theory that has helped design insurance policies, executive pay and even prison management.

Pope says teaching gender theory is 'indoctrination'

Pope Francis has said teaching children gender theory in schools was an "insidious indoctrination", even as he insisted he had always treated homosexuals and transsexuals with respect.

Op-Ed: Rewriting physics with Université de Namur

Namur - Controlling gravity is perhaps one of the most useful possible discoveries in recent history. It could drastically change the whole basis of modern physics. It comes from the Theory of Relativity, so it can’t be ignored by the dead heads.

Big Bang Theory sued for Soft Kitty

Alstead - The daughters of a New Hampshire teacher who wrote a poem about a "soft kitty" filed a lawsuit on Monday against TV's hit sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, for violating their copyrights.

Op-Ed: EMDrive ‘does work,’ but Spectator Science disagrees

Sydney - Arguably the least progressive of all the sciences, physics is also the most hidebound when it comes to new ideas. Anything which contradicts a geriatric old theory is “impossible.”

Op-Ed: First atmospheric carbon scrubbers demo in Canada

Calgary - Physically removing CO2 from the atmosphere and recycling it makes so much sense, in theory. A new effort by Canadian firm Carbon Engineering is putting that theory in to practice.

Big Bang Theory funds science scholarships

Los Angeles - The makers of the hit television comedy “The Big Bang Theory” have launched a scheme designed to help students to begin science or technology careers. The scheme is called “The Big Bang Theory Scholarship Endowment.”

Mystery of origin of Moon solved: Giant impact theory vindicated

Haifa - A study by Israeli and French scientists might have vindicated the giant impact theory of origin of the Moon by resolving the longstanding puzzle of almost identical chemical compositions of the Earth and Moon, considered a strong objection to the theory.

Op-Ed: Cats, cute cats, more cute cats, and why they own YouTube

Sydney - Cute Cat Theory is the theory of internet usage – People are drawn to cute cats, in their millions. The Cute Cat Theory has been invented to explain why the entire human race (You remember them? No? Understandable.) watches cats, if nothing else.

Review: ‘The Theory of Everything’ misses nothing Special

‘The Theory of Everything’ is an inspiring biopic about Stephen Hawking that is well-deserving of its Oscar buzz, especially in regards to its main actor.

Big Bang Theory actor Carol Ann Susi dies of cancer in L.A.

A popular character actress who spent eight years voicing a character on The Big Bang Theory who was never seen, Carol Ann Susi, has died. Susi died after a battle with cancer at the age of 62 in L.A. on Tuesday.

How Color Theory can help you decorate your home

Color can impact our moods, emotions and feelings, so the color we use in our homes is a pretty important decision, and one that you can easily change with a little knowledge of color.

Review: BBC's Human Universe asks the question: Why are we here? Special

Each one of us is made from matter, so what unites every person living on our planet and how did we get to be here and exist. Professor Brian Cox attempts to explain in his BBC documentary, the Human Planet.
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