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Review: Joe Satriani incredible on new album 'What Happens Next' Special

Iconic rocker Joe Satriani has released his new studio album "What Happens Next," on Legacy Recordings, which was produced by Mike Fraser.

Trump makes strange, supportive Joe Paterno remark in Pittsburgh

Donald Trump waded into strange waters once again this week, this time in Pittsburgh, though it is difficult to know what he meant when he brought up the late, and controversial, football coach Joe Paterno. It's also difficult to know why he said it.

Senate candidate Joe Sestak's plan to improve care for vets Special

Pittsburgh - U.S. Senate candidate Joe Sestak, a retired three-star admiral, made a scheduled stop Wednesday at Veterans Place in Pittsburgh, where he announced a portion of his "Restoring the American Dream" plan concerning veterans.

Joe Cocker British Soul Singer , Dies at 70

Joe Cocker was the the definitive voice for an entire generation of blue eyed soul singers. His vocal prowess and wild showmanship thrilled millions around the globe who will mourn the passing of the gentle giant.

Review: Joe Rogan delivers a mixed bag at JFL42 Special

Toronto - Joe Rogan is a man of many day jobs — MMA colour commentator, podcaster, host of 'Fear Factor — but his first job was stand-up, and he brought a sprawling set to JFL42.

Review: 'The Joe Show' may boil your blood Special

Joe Arpaio is probably the most infamous sheriff in all of the United States. Unsurprisingly, 'The Joe Show' feeds well off the controversy to build a portrait of a loved and hated public figure,

Catching up with country star Joe Nichols Special

Patchogue - Award-winning country singer Joe Nichols performed at the Patchogue Theatre in New York on November 12 as part of "Guys With Guitars."

Op-Ed: Joe Orton — Paedophile playwright

London - Joe Orton died 46 years ago today. He was known as one of Britain's most promising playwrights, but he had a dark, depraved and sinister side.

Op-Ed: Video: Joe Biden is dead?

Joe Biden, vice president of the United States of America, has passed away — at least that's what some Americans blindly believed.

Op-Ed: Sky is the limit for top federal officials on junkets

Washington - The White House has decided that public tours are too expensive under the sequestration legislation initiated and signed into law by Barack Obama, but the sky is the limit for White House overseas junkets.

Al Pacino to play ex-Penn State coach Joe Paterno in biopic

Actor Al Pacino will play late Penn State football coach Joe Paterno in a biopic tentatively titled "Happy Valley." Brian De Palma will direct. The two have experience working together as they teamed up for "Scarface" in 1983 and "Carlito's Way" in 1993.

Op-Ed: 5 Reasons Corbett sued NCAA over deserved Penn State sanctions

State College - "Doomed," "foolhardy," "disgusting" — are just a few of the words being used to describe Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett's lawsuit asking the federal court to toss out NCAA penalties handed to Penn State for its role in protecting a pedophile.

82-year-old sues trader Joe's after getting hit by can of tuna

New York - A New York Trader Joe's caught more than they bargained for as they're being sued by an elderly women over a can of flying fish.

Op-Ed: Joe the Plumber says troops aren't killing enough Mexicans

Prescott - By golly, Joe the Plumber is just sick and doggone tired of them there illegal Mexicans sneaking across our border to snatch up all them good "termater" pickin' jobs that American workers so desperately crave.

Joe the Plumber: 'Start shooting' immigrants at border

Prescott - Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher, the outspoken Republican congressional candidate who rose to fame by confronting Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign, has once again raised eyebrows by advocating the shooting of undocumented immigrants.

NCAA imposes harsh sanctions on Penn State University

State College - The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has just announced major penalties against Penn State University's football program and institution. The school has been hit with a $60 million fine.

RIP: Penn State removed Joe Paterno famed statue, fans mourn

State College - For the past 10 days, JoePa supporters stood vigil by the statue, they laid flowers at the statue's feet, but in the end it wasn't enough to keep the iconic bronze statue of Joe Paterno in its place. Time of death: 8:20 a.m. ET.

Mural artist removes Joe Paterno's halo, adds new symbol on lapel

State College - On Saturday afternoon, a mural artist removed a halo from over the head of Penn State football coach Joe Paterno and painted in something else –– a large blue ribbon on Paterno's lapel symbolizing his support for child abuse victims.

Joe Paterno dies, leaving the world a different place

University Park - Two months after revered Joe Paterno, the legendary Penn State football coach, discovered he had a treatable form of lung cancer, "Joe Pa" passed away from chemotherapy complications.

Joe Paterno has died after battle with lung cancer

Update: Jan. 22, 9:30 a.m. CT - ABC News has reported that Joe Paterno has died. "It is with great sadness that we announce that Joe Paterno passed away earlier today," according to a statement released from his family
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