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No more Swedish meatballs: call-to-arms by A$AP Rocky fans

Washington - US fans of rapper A$AP Rocky have issued a call to arms, including meatball moratoriums and an end to binges at Ikea, in protest at Swedish moves to put him on trial for assault.

IKEA to build robotic furniture for use in small areas

The Swedish furniture giant Ikea is introducing a new furniture line called Rogran that is being developed in cooperation with the US furniture startup Ori Living.

Bauhaus design turns 100 as disputes over its legacy churn

Weimar - Bauhaus, the design school that left its mark on everything from teapots to tower blocks and iPhones to Ikea, marks its centenary this year, touching off a politically charged debate about its lasting impact.

IKEA and Accenture are following in Google's footsteps

Home Depot, IKEA, and Accenture are examples of major companies with innovation labs. Alphabet, Google's parent company, has a famous innovation lab called X.

Bookcases and biryani collide as Ikea tackles India

Hyderabad - Curious customers lay on beds and nestled into armchairs Thursday as Ikea opened its first Indian outlet, hoping to wow a burgeoning middle class with offerings tweaked to local tastes, including its famous meatballs.

Patriotic tunes but no bed-lam for Ikea's Indian debut

Hyderabad - Ikea's first Indian outlet opened on Thursday, with more than 200 eager shoppers queueing in the underground car park to escape the heat as a military band played a crowd-pleasing medley inside.

IKEA Australia disrupts market by selling solar panels 'at cost'

Swedish furniture giant IKEA is planning to sell solar panels “at cost” in its Australian stores - And the news has been met with mixed reviews, especially from the local solar industry. But IKEA wants only one thing - A bigger market share.

Ikea's frugal billionaire founder Ingvar Kamprad dies aged 91

Stockholm - Ingvar Kamprad, the farmer's son turned multibillionaire who founded the Ikea empire that revolutionised furnishing, has died aged 91, the firm said Sunday.

Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad dies aged 91

Stockholm - Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad, who built a global business empire with revolutionary flat-pack furniture and was known for his contempt for taxes, died aged 91, the Swedish furnishing giant said on Sunday.

French prosecutors urge Ikea espionage trial

Versailles - French prosecutors are pushing for Ikea France and 15 people, including police officials, to be put on trial on charges of spying on employees and customers, a source close to the inquiry said Thursday.

Ikea moves into gig economy with purchase of TaskRabbit

Ikea has acquired on-demand contract labour service TaskRabbit in a move which will see the retailer enter the gig economy. TaskRabbit lets users hire people to complete tasks for them, including furniture assembly. It expands Ikea's digital presence.

Ikea wants teens to stop holding sleepovers at its stores

Ikea has warned teenagers to stop holding sleepovers at their stores. This year alone, there has been at least 10 incidents.

Ikea recalls 80,000 baby gates over risk of unlocking and falls

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a recall of 80,000 Ikea baby safety gates after reports of injuries around the world. The baby gates under the recall notice can unlock unexpectedly, causing falls.

Ikea recalls millions of dressers in US, Canada after child deaths

Washington - Furniture giant Ikea said Tuesday it was recalling more than 35 million chests and dressers in North America after six children died in the United States when they tipped over.

Ikea defends its refugee shelters amid Swiss concerns

Stockholm - The Ikea Foundation on Saturday insisted that its refugee shelters are safe, a day after the Swiss city of Zurich said it no longer would use the units after discovering they posed a fire hazard.

Migrant influx sparks run on Ikea beds in Germany, Sweden

Stockholm - Several Ikea stores in Germany and Sweden have run out of beds and mattresses due to a surge in demand caused by the influx of migrants, the Swedish furniture chain said Friday.

Ukraine wants an Ikea, 'symbol' of anti-corruption fight

Stockholm - Ukraine's economy minister pleaded Wednesday for Ikea to set up shop in his country, saying it would show Kiev was serious about fighting the corruption that reportedly caused the furniture giant to ditch a previous Ukrainian foray.

Eritrean asylum seeker admits to Ikea double murder: lawyer

Stockholm - An Eritrean man facing deportation has admitted to the double stabbing murder of a mother and son at an Ikea store in Sweden this week, his lawyer said Thursday.

CCTV 'shows Ikea suspect tried to kill self' after murders: report

Stockholm - CCTV footage from an Ikea store in Sweden, where two people were stabbed to death earlier this week, shows the alleged attacker trying to commit suicide, the Aftonbladet daily reported Wednesday.

Two Eritrean asylum seekers held over deadly Ikea attack

Stockholm - The two suspects in a knife attack at an Ikea store in Sweden that left two dead are Eritrean asylum seekers, one of whom is in critical condition, police said Tuesday.
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