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Hurricane Laura — A dangerous ‘giant tornado’, landfall tonight

New Orleans - Hurricane Laura comes packed with a 6m surge, and it’s basically on the same track as Hurricane Katrina when it makes landfall tonight.

Packing winds of 75 mph, Hurricane Isaias heads to Florida

A hurricane watch has been issued for parts of the Florida coastline on Friday as Hurricane Isaias drenched the Bahamas on a track for the U.S. East Coast where it is expected to remain a hurricane for several days.

Florida starts evacuations as Category 4 Hurricane Dorian grows

Hurricane Dorian has grown into a Category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 131 mph. The latest update from the National Hurricane Center has the track east of where it had been for much of the day Thursday.

Pacific Ocean's warm waters spawn another big hurricane

La Jolla - Hurricane Lane is barreling west across the Pacific Ocean on a course that will bring it close to Hawaii next week. As of 8:00 p.m. PDT, Hurricane Lane is now a category 3 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

Strengthening T.S. Chris remaining stationary off East Coast

Tropical Storm Chris is remaining stationary, just 215 miles off the coast of North Carolina today, but its winds are strengthening - as expected- in preparation for Chris becoming a hurricane.

Hurricane Beryl to raise risk of flooding in Caribbean

Little Hurricane Beryl is speeding across the Tropical Atlantic, about 965 miles east of the Lesser Antilles. It is a very compact hurricane with hurricane-force winds extending out only 10 miles from the center.

Extremely dangerous Hurricane Irma moves toward Caribbean Islands

"Hurricane Irma has intensified into an extremely dangerous Category 5 hurricane," the National Hurricane Center says, citing the latest data from NOAA and Air Force hurricane hunter aircraft.

Hurricane Matthew continues to track west for next few days

Matthew is now a Category 1 hurricane, according to the National Hurricane Center's 2:00 p.m. advisory on Thursday. Matthew is the 13th named hurricane of the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane season.

Hurricane Gaston weakens to tropical storm

Washington - Hurricane Gaston weakened to a tropical storm Thursday, just hours after becoming the third hurricane of the Atlantic season, the US-based National Hurricane Center said.

Hurricane season shatters records

Miami - The 2015 hurricane season smashed records because of an unusually strong El Nino warming pattern, including the most powerful hurricane ever, US forecasters said Tuesday.

Hurricane Arthur's early 2014 hurricane season opener

Ocracoke - Hurricane Arthur kicked off the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season along the United States’ eastern seaboard, Thursday night, making landfall as far north as North Carolina.

Lara Pulver hints at Sherlock return

Lara Pulver, who played Irene Adler in the second season of the hit BBC detective series, “Sherlock,” has suggested that she may well be returning to the show.

Mayor Bloomberg signs a bills addressing NYC disaster management

Earlier this week, New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, signed into law nine bills relating to the city’s disaster preparedness.

Irene Vandyke, 50, kept 99 cats in her home, 67 dead in freezer

Albany - Irene Vandyke, 50, an employee of Walmart, collected under unsanitary conditions in her home since her husband died two years ago, 99 living and 67 dead cats in her freezer. Authorities removed the cats from her home near Albany, upstate NY Wednesday.

Op-Ed: The irony of hurricane Sandy and Eric Cantor's campaign ads

Is Hurricane Sandy coming just days ahead of the election bad timing for Eric Cantor and the house Republicans? For some it serves as a daily reminder of their position following Hurricane Irene.

Senate approves deal to prevent government shutdown

Washington - Concerns regarding a possible shutdown of the US government were erased as the Senate approved a "complex" deal through a 79-12 bipartisan vote on Monday.

Tropical storm rains threaten Appalachia with flash floods

New Orleans - Tropical Storm Lee dumped over a foot of rain on Louisiana and Mississippi and continues on a northeast trek threatening the Appalachian states with torrential rains and flash flooding to continue through Wednesday.

New Jersey residents clean up in wake of Hurricane Irene Special

Cranford - Though Hurricane Irene moved through Northern New Jersey as a tropical storm, her impact on the area's many riverside communities was quite devastating.

Tropical Storm Katia forms in the Atlantic

Tropical Storm Katia, the 11th named storm of the hurricane season, has formed and continues to gain strength as she races across the Atlantic ocean.

Worst flooding in 100 years hits Vermont, thanks to Irene Special

Waitsfield - Inland flooding in Vermont, caused by Hurricane Irene, has left towns and communities coping with some of the region's worst flooding in a century as they deal with washed out roads, bridges, stranded residents, and destroyed historic districts.
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