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'Captain' of Italy migrant ghost ship recounts trafficking journey

Rome - The man who piloted nearly 770 illegal Syrian migrants aboard the Blue Sky M cargo ship towards Italy has described how he became the "captain" of the human trafficking vessel, according to Italian media.

Child trafficking on the rise: UN

Vienna - One in three victims of human trafficking worldwide is a child, many of them subject to sexual exploitation or forced labour, a UN report said Monday.

Colombia arrests 17 for child prostitution, trafficking

Estanzuela - Twelve adults and five children suspected of child sex crimes and human trafficking have been arrested in Colombia in a joint operation with the United States, officials from both countries said Tuesday.

Niger court backs arrest of parliament head in baby probe

Niamey - The top court in Niger has given the green light for the arrest of the country's parliamentary leader, who is accused of involvement in an international baby-trafficking network, it was announced.

King of Morocco mistaken for people smuggler off Ceuta shores

Ceuta - In a rather embarrassing incident, Spain's Civil Guard apprehended King Mohammed VI of Morocco while he was enjoying a summer boat trip in waters more commonly used by drug smugglers and human traffickers. Faces were red and apologies have been made.

Philippine police close-down another online 'sextortion' ring

On Friday, Philippine police arrested eight people suspected of running an online sexual extortion racket involving children and preying on Asians. Laptops and other equipment were seized.

Acquittal for farmers who shot 28 migrant workers sparks outrage

Athens - Two hundred immigrant farmers asked for their back pay for work in the strawberry fields. Bosses responded by blasting them with illegal firearms, wounding 28 of them. Now those involved are free prompting outrage from Greek and migrant communities.

Top Kosovo ex-fighters face organ trafficking, war crimes indictment

Pristina - Several leaders of Kosovo's 1990s guerrilla army, some of them now senior officials, face possible indictment for crimes against humanity including murder and organ trafficking, an EU probe found Tuesday.

Parents sell children to fund video-gaming habit

A couple in China allegedly sell their two young sons into human trafficking and use the money to purchase in-game virtual items for online gaming services.

Traffickers left migrants to die 'like beasts': Survivors

Rome - Horrific accounts emerged Tuesday of how 30 migrants were left to die, bolted by traffickers into the suffocating hull of an overcrowded fishing boat, as their bodies were brought to Sicily for burial."There were too many of us.

168 children rescued from sex trafficking op: FBI

Washington - Federal authorities conducted a sweep through more than 100 US cities and recovered 168 children from child sex trafficking, the FBI said.

U.S. shames Malaysia, Thailand for human trafficking

Washington - After years of warnings, the United States on Friday named and shamed Thailand, Malaysia and Venezuela dumping them at the bottom of a list of countries accused of failing to tackle modern-day slavery.

Low US, UK and EU seafood prices linked to Asian slave labor

The extremely low seafood prices that many of us pay are due to human trafficking and brutal forced labor. The multibillion-dollar prawn industry in Thailand deals in human lives almost as much as it deals in seafood.

NC man charged with human trafficking, holding woman captive

Zebulon - A North Carolina man has been charged with human trafficking after allegedly holding a German woman against her will in a secret room located in a warehouse in Zebulon, North Carolina.

Op-Ed: On Sr. Rosemary's request to the media to not sugar-coat evil Special

South San Francisco - While watching Charlie Rose on PBS earlier this month, this reporter was moved by Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe of Uganda asking the media to not let the subject of human trafficking become "old news" something to be forgotten.

U.S. urban areas see rise in sex trafficking of children

Washington - Sex trafficking of children is growing in many urban areas of the United States, according to a survey that underscored calls for more robust action.

Mexican mayor arrested in key drug trafficking port

Morelia - The mayor of a town that serves as one of Mexico's key drug trafficking ports was detained Monday for alleged ties to the Knights Templar drug cartel.

Costa Rica police dismantle Nicaragua trafficking ring

San Jos - Costa Rican authorities arrested 14 people, including five police officers, accused of creating a network trafficking Nicaraguan migrants, authorities said Saturday.

Italian diplomat accused of child sex trafficking in Philippines

Laguna - Police in the Philippines have arrested an Italian diplomat and filed complaints of human trafficking and child abuse after he was allegedly found with three young boys at a resort.

Marijuana-laced candy is new trafficking trend in Alberta

That candy your kids are munching on may contain more than sugars and artificial flavoring. Drug traffickers discovered a new way to spread their products. The active ingredient in marijuana, THC oil, is easy to mix into candy, and no one is the wiser.
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