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Migrants race to reach US before Trump takes over

Sasabe - Migrants trying to sneak into the United States from the parched Mexican desert have to contend with border guards' drones overhead, poisonous snakes underfoot and human trafficking gangs at their backs.

Haitian senator-elect in US to face drug trafficking charges

Miami - A onetime Haitian coup leader who was recently elected senator has been taken to the United States to face longstanding federal drug trafficking charges, officials said Friday.

China jails 16 for trafficking in organs

Bejing - Sixteen people including two surgeons have been jailed for between two and five years in China for trafficking in human organs, a practice still widespread in the country.

16 killed throughout Mexico during holiday celebrations

Acapulco - Sixteen people were killed during Christmas holiday celebrations in Mexico's main drug-trafficking states and six human heads were found in one location, officials said.

'Unnatural' for Mexican military to fight drug trafficking: minister

Mexico - Mexico's defense minister has complained about his troops having to take part in the country's war on drug trafficking -- a rare expression of criticism about the controversial, decade-old deployment.

ICC to probe Libya migrant trafficking

Den Haag - Prosecutors at the International Criminal Court will probe the trafficking of migrants out of Libya to see if there is evidence of war crimes, the chief prosecutor told AFP Tuesday.

Syrian brothers face German court on trafficking charges

Berlin - A German court Monday put on trial two Syrian men who say they are refugees but face charges of being human traffickers responsible for eight deaths on the high seas a year ago.

IS sex slavery survivor named UN goodwill ambassador

New York - A young Iraqi woman who survived rape and abuse as a sex slave of Islamic State fighters on Friday became a UN goodwill ambassador for the dignity of survivors of human trafficking.

European arrests after migrant smuggling ring smashed

Berlin - German police on Tuesday said investigators working together across Europe had dismantled a trafficking ring suspected of smuggling Syrian refugees into the EU, leading to 16 arrests.

Thai kingpin jailed for Rohingya trafficking

Bangkok - A Thai man accused of masterminding the smuggling and trafficking of Rohingya migrants fleeing Myanmar has been jailed for 35 years, a court said Thursday.

'Jihadist' headed Italy trafficking gang

Rome - Italian authorities said Friday they had broken up a people trafficking gang based near Naples headed by a Tunisian national they suspect of jihadist links.

19 Myanmar trafficking victims rescued in Thailand

Yangon - Nineteen Myanmar human trafficking victims have been rescued in Thailand, state media and an activist group said Tuesday, a rare policing success against criminal networks that dominate the region.

US human trafficking report blacklists Myanmar

Washington - The United States on Thursday blacklisted eight more countries for failing to combat human trafficking, including fledgling democracy Myanmar, but was criticized for taking an easier line on Thailand.

Interpol seeks public help to catch human traffickers

Lyon - Interpol called Thursday for public help to track down scores of human traffickers wanted around the world, accused of "profiting from the desperation" of migrants determined to reach Europe.

Peru expels British woman jailed for drug trafficking

- Peru expelled a British woman held in jail for more than two years for cocaine-trafficking in the South American country, authorities said.Melissa Reid, 22, was put on a plane on Tuesday accompanied by her father, officials said.

Held in Italy, Eritrean denies being trafficking kingpin

Rome - An Eritrean man extradited from Sudan to Italy on suspicion of being the head of a migrant trafficking ring has told investigators he is not the man they want, his lawyer said Friday.

Italy probes claim wrong man extradited for migrant trafficking

Rome - Italian prosecutors are investigating whether the wrong man was extradited to Italy on charges of running a migrant trafficking network after reports suggested it may be a case of mistaken identity.

Social media is not helping in illegal organ trafficking in India

Delhi - With the recent arrests of five people, including the personal secretaries of one neurologist at the Apollo Hospital in New Delhi, India, police unearthed an elaborate kidney trading racket.

Peru expels British woman convicted of drug trafficking

- Authorities in Peru said they will expel a British woman in prison since 2013 after being convicted of trafficking cocaine. A court in Lima approved the expulsion of Briton Melissa Reid, granting a petition for her release filed by her attorneys.

Spanish police free 29 Chinese women forced into prostitution

Madrid - Police said Sunday they had rescued 29 Chinese women who had been drugged and forced into prostitution in hotels and nightclubs across Spain in an operation that smashed a human trafficking ring.
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