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Graphene based face mask uses novel technology to inhibit viruses Special

A face mask that utilizes graphene technology has proven efficacy for capturing viruses at a level comparable with surgical masks and then to inhibit the capture virions through the activity of the graphene. Digital Journal reviews.

Review: The latest earbuds from EarFun utilize graphene technology Special

New earbuds that contain graphene have appeared on the market. Graphene, a material with many useful properties, has been mooted for use in the consumer tech industry for several years. No it makes an appearance, helping to drive up sound quality.

'Green' process developed to create valuable graphene

Scientists have developed a new process to create valuable graphene in large quantities from waste food, plastic and other materials. The technology has a low environmental impact and has further green credentials by reprocessing waste.

Flexible robots get new metal material for extra movement

Robotics engineers have developed a material which is lighter than paper and also very flexible. The materials also has excellent electrical conductivity, heat generation, and it is capable of wireless communications.

Graphene is the key to next-generation space telescopes

New research demonstrates how a detector made from graphene has the potential to revolutionize the sensors used in next-generation space telescopes, leading to more sophisticated images being captured.

Op-Ed: Getting over semiconductors – Graphene hits new high at UCSB

Sydney - Graphene is about as obvious as the wheel as the Next Big Thing in computer processing. University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) has found a way of making it happen, it seems, and it looks good.

Samsung is developing a graphene battery for its smartphones

In order to boost battery life, Samsung are experimenting with graphene in order to develop a new generation of smartphone batteries that could fully charge within half-an-hour, overcoming the limitations of lithium-ion.

Will you next computer be made using graphene and bacteria?

To develop more efficient computers, along with medical devices, scientists are examining nanomaterials. These are materials manipulated on the scale of atoms and which exhibit unique properties, opening a gateway to advanced technology.

Creating tunable graphene for next-gen electronics

Much has been spoken about graphene and its remarkable properties. With electronics, to be truly useful graphene would need to carry an electric current that switches on and off, as with silicon. Researchers are devising a laser-method to do just that.

Op-Ed: Graphene fibres to replace pharmaceuticals? It’s happening

Wollongong - Spun graphene fibres are coming to deal with diabetes, heart disease and more, and they’re totally non-toxic. These things seem to be ideal for chronic diseases.

Graphene sponge aids development of new lithium sulphur batteries

The path towards an electric future is hampered by the ability of batteries to provide sufficient power over a sufficiently long period of time. Globally considerable research is going into methods to improve battery power, including the use of graphene.

Essential Science: Introducing the ‘wonder material’ — borophene

Forget graphene, there’s a new ‘super material’ that it getting scientists interested – borophene. The material has properties that are stronger and more flexible than graphene. We take a look at some future possibilities.

Graphene and silk make self-healable electronic tattoos

Researchers have designed graphene-based e-tattoos designed to act as biosensors. The sensors can collect data relate to human health, such as skin reactions to medication or to assess the degree of exposure to ultraviolet light.

Graphene helps to repair broken bones

Researchers have successfully used phosphate graphene as a scaffold, enabling the body's own cells to rapidly reform the missing or damaged bone and hence to promote bone healing.

New innovations with graphene-like materials

From special magnets that can aid next generation quantum computers to bulletproof armour, to a coating that can keep spacecraft cool to making more effective electronics — each innovation is based on materials with graphene-like properties.

The big graphene innovations you need to know about

Every month a new development using the ‘wonder material’ graphene is presented. Digital Journal has picked three recent research highlights that showcase the growing potential of graphene.

Op-Ed: Graphene grows up – Epigraphene major breakthrough

Gothenburg - Graphene isn't exactly the Cinderella of new materials, but it is still in its technological infancy/adolescence. A new type of graphene, epitaxial layered epigraphene, has emerged. This is a game changer, and it's going to be interesting.

How graphene can help advance quantum computers

Researchers have been investigating how graphene can be used as a nanoscale electron trap. This application has several potential applications in quantum computers, helping ecologists on the path to building more advanced computers.

How graphene can advance quantum computers

Researchers have been investigating how graphene can be used as a nanoscale electron trap. This discovery has several potential applications in quantum computers, helping technologists on the path to building more advanced computers.

Tunable graphene can aid future electronic devices

Cambridge - Graphene, the material with many useful properties, including strength, transparency and conductivity, can be ‘tuned’ and this new ability has a potential use with next-generation electronic devices.
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