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How close is the new graphene wave?

Graphene is a relatively new material with many interesting properties. However, despite a range of science papers explaining application possibilities, the widespread use of graphene has yet to be realized.

Rare element helps develop high speed electronics

A rare Earth element can provide a better starting material for the development of high-speed electronics, which can be used in communication devices.

A boost for graphene-based light detectors

Graphene functions as a light-sensitive material, which makes it suitable for light detectors. These devices can offer significant improvements over current materials presenting future possibilities for optics.

Graphene spikes kill pathogenic bacteria

One of the risks with medical implants is infection from bacteria during the surgical process, leading to post-surgical infections. Researchers have demonstrated that coating implants with graphene can help to kill microorganisms

Scalable manufacturing using graphene

Boston - Scientists have worked out a continuous manufacturing process that produces long strips of high-quality graphene. This process will aid producers in achieving scalable filter manufacturing.

Making drinking water safer with new graphene filter

Australian researchers have developed a new filter that can remove organic matter from water intended to be of drinking water quality. In trials, 99 percent of the impurities can be removed through the filter process.

New gas safety sensor based on graphene technology

Bejing - A new gas sensor, designed to mimic the superior sense of smell that a dog possesses, has been developed. At the heart of the technology are graphene-based nanoscrolls.

Graphene will charge your phone in under 10 seconds

Grapehene, the material with a host of wonderful properties and many more potential applications, could hold the key to super-fast charging of mobile devices.

New way to generate energy from temperature changes

Boston - A new system, based on graphene, can draw power from daily temperature swings. The technology can harness temperature fluctuations of many kinds in order to produce electricity.

Wearable graphene sensors to monitor the health of babies

Brighton - Monitoring the health of babies is an important concern that many parents share. Many of the emerging wearable devices are relatively inaccurate. Better monitoring accuracy can be introduced through the application of graphene-based sensors.

Essential Science: Graphene makes for cell-sized robots

Imagine an electricity-conducting, environment-sensing, shape-changing cell-sized machine, used for medical diagnosis. Impossible? Not according to new research that has harnessed the properties of graphene.

Optoelectronics advanced with graphene-like material

Scientists have observed the electronic structure of graphene in laboratory designed semiconductor. This finding could lead to advanced optoelectronics and data processing.

'Graphene-like' nanocomposite battery developed

Technologists have a created a new nanocomposite material that increases battery life and also improves the performance of smartphones, tablets, and laptops. In trials the battery outperformed comparable products.

Samsung 'graphene ball' could let phones charge five times faster

Samsung's found a way of making lithium-ion smartphone batteries charge faster and last longer. The company's synthesized and patented a "graphene ball" that considerably improves the performance of lithium-ion cells, offering 45% higher charge capacity.

Wild graphene 'tamed' for new electronic devices

A new discovery concerning the controlling of electrons in the 'super'- material graphene could lead to the future production of novel electronic devices.

Essential Science: Graphene leads to efficient dialysis device

Boston - A significant advancement has been made with a medical device, in the form of a dialysis membrane, with the ‘super-material’ graphene at its core. This is a change from the core use of graphene, which is with electronic components.

Essential Science: Graphene holds the key to next-gen fuel cells

Scientists in the U.S. have developed nanocrystals wrapped in carbon atoms, which they report are critical for the safe storage of hydrogen for new fuel cell technology. The invention is important for future fuel technology.

Smart graphene membrane desalinates water

Scientists have devised a simple, sturdy graphene-based hybrid desalination membrane. The device can provide clean water for agriculture and one-day human consumption.

Is there a future for topological insulators in new technology?

Georgia - Topological insulators have been under review for the past ten years. Heralded as materials that could rival graphene, technologists have struggled to fully realize the theoretical potential of the material under practical conditions.

Quantum technology helps prevent counterfeit electronics

Researchers have taken a major step in terms of preventing counterfeiting. This is through generating unique atomic-scale identifiers based on the irregularities found in 2-D materials such as graphene.
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