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Study on genetically modified mosquitoes prompts backlash

In an attempt to control the mosquito-borne diseases, English biotech company, Oxitec, developed a strain of transgenically modified Aedes aegypti mosquitoes having a "lethal gene." This gene should have doomed any offspring created.

Over 1m tonnes of animal feed in Europe may contain banned GMOs: report

Paris - Over one million tonnes of animal feed in Europe could be contaminated by banned genetically modified organisms contained in a vitamin-based additive, French newspaper Le Monde reported Friday.

Decision taken not to release GM mosquitoes in Florida

Tampa - The controversial proposal to release genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida has been dropped due to concerns about the environmental impact.

EU court upholds Monsanto GM soybean approval

Luxembourg - A top EU court on Thursday upheld the European Commission's approval of genetically modified soybeans made by US agri-chemicals giant Monsanto which environmentalists claim may harm human health.

Are farming super-mergers affecting food security?

According to one environmentalist, proposed deals could put the majority of seeds, chemicals and genetically modified traits into the hands of just three companies. The effect would deepen poverty for small-scale farmers.

Monsanto aims to use CRISPR to engineer food

Agricultural biotech company Monsanto has licensed the use of the cutting edge CRISPR-Cas genome-editing technology for food production.

Modified bacteria protect against obesity

Introducing genetically modified bacteria into the intestines of mice appears to protect the rodents from obesity. This could become a treatment option for people.

Scientists enter into battle with Greenpeace over GM food

Few issues spark as much intensity as genetically modified foods and both sides wheel out scientists to give opinions on the safety (or otherwise) of genetically modified produce. In a new move, a consortium of scientists has gone on the offensive.

House passes GMO labeling bill, now heads to president's desk

A bill to create a federal labeling standard for foods with genetically modified ingredients and block individual states from issuing their own labeling laws easily passed through the House of Representatives on Thursday.

Senate passes bill to create federal label standard for GMO foods

The U.S. Senate approved legislation late Thursday night that would for the first time create a national labeling standard for foods with genetically modified ingredients.

Health Canada says GM salmon are 'safe and nutritious'

Ottawa - Health authorities in Canada announced Thursday that they have approved the sale of genetically modified salmon in Canada, making salmon the first genetically altered animal approved for consumption in the country.

Op-Ed: FDA being sued over genetically engineered salmon approval

On Thursday, a broad coalition of groups sued the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for approving the first-ever genetically engineered food, an Atlantic salmon engineered to grow quickly.

Nigerians say no to Monsanto's GMO maize and cotton

One hundred groups representing over five million Nigerians are vehemently opposing Monsanto’s attempts to introduce genetically modified maize and cotton into the country's food and farming system.

Genetically modified maggots help with human wound healing

A research study has found that genetically engineered green bottle fly larvae can produce and secrete a human growth factor. This could help with wound healing.

U.S. gives tentative OK to testing genetically modified mosquitoes

Washington - US regulators tentatively agreed to permit a field test of genetically modified mosquitoes that are designed to help limit the spread of Zika virus and other infectious diseases.

GM and lab grown meat for the agricultural future?

The future of agriculture is uncertain, given the changes to populations, migration, and climate. National governments and the United Nations have been predicting the state of food security in 2050.

Monsanto eyeing Mexico's indigenous corn varieties

Mexico's unique and varied native maize varieties are under attack from Monsanto, the world's largest seed producer as it vies to plant genetically modified (GMO) corn in the country.

Yet another food product has been approved by the FDA

The Food and Drug Administration said on Tuesday that a potato genetically engineered to resist the pathogen that caused the Irish potato famine is as safe as any potato on the market.

Op-Ed: FDA bypasses public — Genetically engineered salmon approved

Going against widespread opposition, and not even bothering to do an environmental impact study, our Food and Drug Administration has pushed genetically engineered salmon on the American public.

Approval of GM salmon eggs will be challenged in Canadian court

Environmental groups are challenging Environment Canada's decision to approve the production of genetically modified salmon eggs, citing the ecological dangers of such a risky action.
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