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How Gangnam Style can increase your pain threshold

It's the tune that most people around the world have heard and the video that has smashed the YouTube 'most watched' record. But did you know dancing the 'Gangnam Style' can help with pain management?

Viral videos: A look back at the last 10 years

YouTube turned 10 years old this month, and this means that viral videos have now made it through an entire decade. Instead of being merely a fad that faded out quickly, viral videos have become one of the most popular aspects of online life.

New record for Gangnam Style as YouTube counter crashes

Seoul - The video for Gangnam Style, on YouTube, has become the first video on the channel to be watched more than two billion times. The number of views was so great that the YouTube views counter crashed.

Gangnam Style hits two billion views on YouTube

The video for Gangnam Style has become the first YouTube video to be watched more than two billion times. The hit, by the South Korean rapper Psy, was first released in July 2012.

Video: Nathan the dog goes Gangnam Style for adoption

Greenville - You probably wouldn't want to watch yet another Gangnam Style parody video, there's been so many. But hey, you haven't seen Nathan doing his thing yet. He's the very best so far!

Review: ‘The Nut Job’ is an unpopped kernel Special

‘The Nut Job’ stars a curmudgeonly squirrel who is banished from his city park, only to stumble upon a something that could save his life.

Video: Is 'The Fox' the next 'Gangnam-style?' Let's hope not

A video posted on YouTube on September 3 has had almost 17 million hits. "The Fox" is the brainchild of Norwegian brothers, Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker, and the song is sort of catchy, but still ... 17 million hits??

Review: ‘Celebs, Brands and Fake Fans’ Special

Dhaka - Advertising and product endorsement has been big business since the 19th Century, but are endorsements all they appear to be, celebrity or otherwise?

Video: Pokemon parody of PSY's 'Gentleman'

A Pokemon based parody of PSY's "Gentleman" has been made available for viewing. It is called "Hitmonchan" which shares the same name as one of the original 150 Pokemon.

South Korean singer PSY follows up Gangnam Style with Gentleman

The South Korean Rapper with the unusual stage name - PSY - who hit it big last year with the song and dance 'Gangnam Style', has put out a follow-up single. Like 'Gangnam Style', 'Gentleman, released in 119 countries,' is available on Youtube.

'Gangnam Style' singer Psy releases new song 'Gentleman'

Korean singer Psy had great success with his single 'Gangnam Style' and after having world wide success with it, he has released another song, called 'Gentleman'.

Video: Gangnam 'Gaza Style' goes viral to make a point, or two

Gaza - Just in case you thought it was all over, Gangham Style parodies are still a hot item on YouTube, and this one is a tongue-in-cheek version all the way from the Gaza Strip. Fun, but with a serious message too.

Viral Video: 7-month-old baby revives Gangnam Style

An adorable 7-month-old has become an Internet celebrity after a video of the baby dancing the South Korean rapper Psy's Gangnam Style went viral on YouTube. While the baby's mates are learning to walk he has mastered a dance move.

Third annual Positive Change for Taiji going Gangnam Style

Miami - For the past three years, the annual Positive Change for Taiji event has raised awareness for the plight of dolphins outside of the Consulate General of Japan in Miami. This year will incorporate a parody of Psy's, Oppa Gangnam Style.

Video: Operatic parody of PSY's Gangnam Style from Slovenia

Ljubljana - It just wouldn't be the end of 2012, without just one more Gangnam Style parody. This time we have an operatic version, all the way from Slovenia.

Op-Ed: Air Farce does Canadian PM Stephen Harper 'Gangnam Style'

Ottawa - The Canadian comedy group Air Farce has produced a parody of the ever-parodied "Gangnam Style" starring Craig Lauzon as Stephen Harper.

PSY portrayal as a rapist in a Japanese manga enrages Koreans

In a soon-to-be released Japanese manga, Korean rapper PSY is being portrayed as a rapist. In turn, Koreans are expressing their outrage online.

Is 'One Pound Fish' the next 'Gangnam Style?'

London - A song-and-dance YouTube video starring a Pakistani fishmonger has been viewed nearly 8 million times, raising speculation that the tune could be the next massive global viral video hit.

Gangnam Style hits one billion views on YouTube

Already the most watched YouTube video ever, PSY's Gangman style video has now surpassed one billion views on the channel.

Video: Perth 'Gangnam Style' Christmas display goes viral

Perth - It's hard to find anyone who doesn't enjoy a well choreographed Christmas light show, and when you add Psy and his Gangnam Style mega-hit to the mix, the result is a phenomenal display of light and music.
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