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Managed services help businesses meet new cyber challenges

There is a trend among small to medium sized businesses to turn towards managed service providers help to transition to the return to office and to combat the growing menace of cyberattacks.

Hackers have California's driver agency user data Special

Driver's beware. California's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has been hit by data breach, exposing millions of drivers' personal information to hackers. The agency has launched an investigation.

Jamaica’s web portal exposes traveler data Special

The Amber Group, a Jamaican government contractor, left an AWS cloud storage server exposed without a password. The exposed information included 70,000 negative COVID-19 lab results, plus personal data relating to patients.

Looking behind the UK's new Cybersecurity Council Special

The UK government has launched a new independent body to set standards that professionals in cybersecurity will have to meet, much like there are standards for professionals in accountancy, finance, etc. What does this entail?

UK government stresses use of Protective Domain Name Service Special

The British government has issued its third review of cybersecurity defence. The report indicates where the majority of cyberattacks are coming from and how Protective Domain Name System technology works.

Attempt to contaminate Florida town's water supply stopped Special

According to a media report, U.S. officials have determined that an intruder connected to a computer on the Oldsmar water treatment plant's network via TeamViewer on two occasions. This led to drinking water being tampered with.

Looking behind the North Korea cyberattack on Pfizer Special

For a country that allegedly has no cases of COVID-19, it is interesting to see the apparent attack by the state upon the drug company Pfizer with the aim to acquire coronavirus vaccine technology.

Singapore's leading telco hit by cybersecurity incident Special

A major telecoms company has announced that a supply chain attack may have led to the compromise its customer data. The attack has impacted Singtel and a FTA (File Transfer Appliance) was compromised by unknown hackers.

Hackers continue to put out fake vaccine emails to get your data Special

The march of fake COVID-19 vaccines unfortunately continues. Social media users have reported receiving phishing emails claiming to be from the UK’s National Health Services offering recipients the opportunity to sign-up to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Florida based child welfare organization suffers data breach Special

It has been revealed that the organization The Florida Healthy Kids Corporation (FHKC), a U.S. provider of children’s health insurance, suffered from a data breach which exposed the addresses of several thousands of people.

Legal and health sector caught out in data breach Special

Pennsylvania law firm Charles J. Hilton & Associates P.C. potentially exposed the personal health information of more than 36,000 patients of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). An expert looks at how this happened.

Safer Internet use means more multi-factor authentication Special

February 2021 marks '‘Safer Internet Day’, which is focused on passing on best practice to keep users safe online, whether this be from financial fraud or protecting young people. Another important aspect is with privacy.

Private medical records posted to the dark web Special

Thousands of files of patient information from Leon Medical Centers and Nocona General Hospital were posted by hackers to a blog on the dark web that the hackers use to name and extort their victims. We look at the implications.

How to protect yourself from the NHS COVID vaccine phishing scam Special

The latest cybersecurity alert is one that is preying upon people's fears around the coronavirus pandemic. This is in the form of a phishing campaign connected to the various COVID-19 vaccines.

It’s Groundhog Day for password security

How secure is your password? The chances are, if you are an ‘average’ member of the population, the answer is ‘not very’. A new report examines the typical passwords used and their relative weaknesses.

Worried about cybersecurity? Here's a six-step approach Special

As data breaches continue to wreak havoc on our lives, cybersecurity has become a primary concern for companies looking to protect their data from hackers. We present a six-step approach to address cybersecurity concerns.

Could Zero Trust security have saved Pelosi’s lost laptop? Special

With remote working seeing a rise in cyberattacks, due to weaknesses in business security protocols, this provides the ideal time to reconsider the Zero Trust approach to IT systems.

Target Emotet: International actions to address botnet threat Special

An international group of law enforcement officials, including the U.S. Department of Justice and Europol, announced a large operation to take down the infrastructure of Emotet. A raid and arrests have taken place.

Ransomware: The ROI of being prepared Special

Ransomware cases continue to increase and the impact hits businesses hard. What can businesses do protect their systems and assets? Sally Eaves and Mat Newfield have some answers.

Volleyball players exposed in cloud security error Special

Security researchers have discovered an Azure cloud storage bucket that was publicly exposed by the European Volleyball Confederation, containing images of passports, drivers licenses, and identity documents.
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