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East Congolese fear assault on Rwandan rebels without UN

Rutshuru - Doubts linger over a long-announced military offensive against Rwandan rebels based in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, but local people and relief workers are preparing for reprisal raids on civilians.

Over 21 dead in machete massacre — Democratic Republic of Congo

Kinshasa - Machete-wielding attackers crept into the town of Mayangose in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo overnight and massacred 14 men and 7 women, surprisingly sparing the children, reported a spokesman for a civil society.

DR Congo lawmakers adopt new electoral law after deadly protests

Kinshasa - Parliament in the Democratic Republic of Congo voted on Sunday in favour of a new election law after deadly protests erupted over opposition charges it would extend President Joseph Kabila's term in office.

Chinese become targets in DR Congo anti-government riots

Kinshasa - Clashes between Democratic Republic of Congo police and political protestors that left some 40 people dead last week also revealed the level of hostility towards the Chinese in the capital Kinshasa.

DR Congo drops contested part of election bill after deadly protests

Kinshasa - The Democratic Republic of Congo's lawmakers on Saturday agreed to scrap a contested part of an electoral bill that triggered days of deadly protests over claims it would have enabled President Joseph Kabila to extend his grip on power.

40 dead in DR Congo protests: Human Rights Watch

Kinshasa - Forty people have died in protests in the Democratic Republic of Congo against President Joseph Kabila, Human Rights Watch said on Saturday, accusing security forces of using excessive force and then trying to remove evidence.

DR Congo Senate backs down on electoral bill after deadly clashes

Kinshasa - After days of deadly protests, the Democratic Republic of Congo's Senate backed down Friday on a hotly-contested electoral bill enabling President Joseph Kabila to extend his hold on power.

Fresh violence in DR Congo as Senate votes on election law

Kinshasa - Riot police opened fire on protesters in the Democratic Republic of Congo Thursday in a new bout of violence as the Senate was set to vote on a controversial bill that would extend President Joseph Kabila's rule.

Gunfire in DR Congo as protesters tell Kabila 'get out'

Kinshasa - Gunfire rang out Wednesday at a student demonstration in Kinshasa in a third day of violence over controversial legislation that would extend President Joseph Kabila's term in office, with international concern mounting over the crisis Two shots were ...

Child soldiers reunited with families

This week 152 child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo were reunited with their families. While a happy start, the violence these children have lived is a hard trial to get over.

UN troops prepare offensive against DR Congo rebels

New York - UN troops in the Democratic Republic of Congo are taking up positions to support a planned offensive against Hutu rebels in the east after they ignored a deadline to surrender, a UN spokesman said.

African leaders mull action against Hutu rebels in DRC

Johanesburg - African heads of state will meet later this month to decide how to disarm Rwandan Hutu rebels ravaging the troubled east of the Democratic Republic of Congo who have refused an ultimatum to surrender.

At least 100 dead in Burundi attack by rebel group: Military source

Bujumbura - At least 100 rebels have been killed after a cross-border attack against the central African nation of Burundi from the Democratic Republic of Congo, a top military source told AFP Sunday.

Journalist Robert Chamwami Shalubuto killed in DR Congo

Goma - The United Nations released a statement deploring the murder of Robert Chamwami Shalubuto from DR Congo. Shalubuto was a broadcaster with Congolese National Radio and Television (RTNC). He was gunned down by two men in Goma on December 26.

Uganda clashes as DR Congo's M23 ex-rebels refuse to go home

Kanpala - Democratic Republic of Congo's M23 ex-rebel leader said Tuesday that several members were wounded when Ugandan troops tried to forcibly return them home.

At least 129 drown in DR Congo boat disaster

Lubumbashi - At least 129 people drowned when a passenger ship capsized on Lake Tanganyika in the southeast of Democratic Republic of Congo, according to a new official death toll Sunday.

Slow progress in DR Congo's M23 rebel deal risking peace

Nairobi - Slow implementation of a critical peace deal for Democratic Republic of Congo's M23 rebels is jeopordizing peace in the region, the UN, United States and African Union warned Saturday.

New massacre leaves 36 dead in eastern DR Congo

Beni - Suspected Ugandan rebels in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo hacked 36 people to death with machetes and axes, authorities said Sunday, as an outcry grew against the failure of the army and UN peacekeepers to stop a repeat of such massacres.

When home is Congo's 'triangle of death'

- When the Mai-Mai militiamen came, their faces streaked with flour and talismans hanging from their arms, the villagers in the DRC's "triangle of death" ran for their lives.

Pygmies and Bantus flee a war caused by a tryst

- It all began with a love affair a year ago between a Bantu and his Pygmy mistress, a tryst that so unnerved the enemy peoples of Congo's troubled Katanga province that war broke out.
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