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Looking to the insect world to design a new generation of robots

A new high-speed amphibious robot has been developed. The inspiration for the design comes from the movements of cockroaches and lizards. As a result, the robot swims and runs on top of water and it can crawl across difficult terrain.

Venezuelans 'dying slowly' in rat- and roach-infested homes

Caracas - Sunlight cannot penetrate, the air is fetid and fellow residents include rats and cockroaches -- but that's how 14 families are "dying slowly" in government accommodation in Venezuela's capital Caracas.

Black shadows in Hong Kong's devastated campus

Fpo - Black shadows flitting around in small groups, deserted rubbish-strewn corridors and cockroaches in disemboweled kitchens: dawn broke on Friday to reveal a post-apocalyptic scene at a Hong Kong campus six days after a police siege began.

Trump in new Twitter attack on London's mayor

Washington - US President Donald Trump launched a fresh attack Saturday on London Mayor Sadiq Khan, backing a right-wing British columnist who has been widely accused of Islamophobia and once called migrants "cockroaches.

Would cockroaches really survive a nuclear apocalypse?

It’s one of those commonly accepted 'facts' – that ants and cockroaches would be the only life-forms to survive a nuclear apocalypse. But how true is this? Australian researchers think they have the answer.

Ukraine's decrepit prisons languish despite promised reform

Kiev - Around 20 men are crammed into the foul-smelling cell, where cockroaches wander across the walls and barred windows.

Watchdog takes France to court over rat-infested prison

Paris - Campaigners filed a complaint against the French state Monday, denouncing overcrowding and filthy conditions in a prison near Paris infested with rats, cockroaches and bedbugs.

Five Tanzanian miners freed after 41 days trapped underground

Dar Es Salaam - Five Tanzanian gold miners have been rescued after spending 41 days trapped deep underground eating cockroaches and frogs to survive, the mining ministry and survivors said Tuesday.

Five Tanzanian miners freed after 41 days trapped underground: ministry

Dar Es Salaam - Five Tanzanian gold miners have been rescued after spending 41 trapped deep underground eating cockroaches and frogs to survive, the mining ministry and survivors said Tuesday.

Man's ear was home to 26 cockroaches

Dongguan - A man went to the hospital for an earache, and when doctors looked inside his ear, they found dozens of cockroaches living inside him.

Japan zoo takes on cockroach PR role

Toukyo - A Japanese zoo is trying to do the impossible -- improve the image of cockroaches, putting on an exhibition of one of the world's most hated insects.

Cockroach-inspired robot uses 'parkour' to maneuver

From fields of grass to cracks in the wall, there's almost nowhere you won't find cockroaches. Many existing robots are designed to work on flat surfaces with few obstacles.

Cockroaches made me want new $615 mn palace: Turkey's Erdogan

Istanbul - If cockroaches infest someone's house or office, they might put down some poison or maybe call in the pest-controllers.But President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey had a more radical solution.

Kenya officials: No one missing, students should have fought back

Kenyan government officials angrily denied claims by Garissa University College officials that 166 students are still missing and may have been kidnapped by Al-Shabaab after the attack on the school last week.

Cockroaches show conformity in numbers

Brussels - According to a new study, individual cockroaches can be shy or bold. However, they alter their behavior to fit in with a group.

Zoo: Adopt a scorpion or cockroach for that special ex-Valentine

San Francisco - If your ex has left you feeling rejected, the San Francisco Zoo has the perfect gift for that dirtbag who dumped you: Scorpions and cockroaches, which you can adopt in the name of your former bad life choice, whom your friends warned you about.

The magic touch speeds up cockroach birth

Female cockroaches that get "touched" - by other female cockroaches - reproduce faster than female roaches that live in isolation or without tactile stimulation.

Cal. chicken processing plant closed due to cockroach infestation

Livingston - Federal authorities shut down a Central California chicken processing plant after inspectors discovered it was infested with cockroaches.

At least 1 million cockroaches in great escape from Chinese farm

Dafeng - Most of us try to avoid cockroaches, but one farm in China is breeding them for use in traditional medicine. Only one problem, one million of said cockroaches have now made their dramatic escape from the facility.

Cockroaches ‘evolve’ to avoid bait traps

A trend is developing with cockroaches where the sweet poisons used in traps are becoming less effective. Scientists think that roaches have evolved taste cells that register sugar as bitter, thereby avoid taking the bait.
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