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Bitcoin price is trending up over the $6,500 mark again

Having dropped below $6,500 yesterday, the bitcoin price has climbed back over that mark on Saturday as it appears to be enjoying an uptrend for now.

Q&A: Browser extension opens up Bitcoin Special

Cryptocurrency firm Coinback has developed the first free browser extension, designed to help consumers earn Bitcoin while they online shop. Company CEO Eyal Yechezkel explains more.

Bitcoin in recovery mode as it manages to top $6,500 briefly

The Bitcoin price appears to be in recovery mode with a bullish trend taking the price above $6,500 at least briefly and closing the day over $150 dollars above the open. However, the price has a long way to go to regain losses it has suffered lately.

Bitcoin price may be consolidating above the $6,000 level

So far today the price of Bitcoin is down but still well over the $6,000 mark. The range so far is rather narrow. Perhaps, the price is consolidating before another move up or down

Big investment in cryptocurrency startup

Startup, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange located in San Diego, has announced it has secured $1 million of funding via crowdfunding service WeFunder.

In a sudden reversal bitcoin price drops below $7,000 level

The bitcoin price suffered a serious blow yesterday just as it seemed to be entering a bullish phase. After establishing itself well above the $7,000 level, within half an hour or so it dropped well below that level.

Q&A: New digital cryptocurrency trading platform Special

Deribit, a Bitcoin futures and options trading platform, has recently introduced Deribit Perpetual, a derivative product that tracks the price of Bitcoin while providing synthetic exposure to the price. The company’s John Jansen explains more.

Bitcoin price established well above $7,000 amid bullish signs

Bitcoin's price was well established above the $7,000 level all day and close almost one hundred dollars above its open. While there was no large leap upward the trend and technical indicators show a bullish reversal.

Bitcoin price well up over $7,000 again with Saturday gain

On Saturday, bitcoin's (BTC) price swung upwards starting the day around $7,042 but after a couple of jumps reached around $7,218 at 20:15 before falling back to close at $7,192. Still this was a reasonable gain after the price recently fell below $7,000.

Energy-intensive Bitcoin transactions impact the environment

A new study has found that energy-intensive Bitcoin transactions pose a growing environmental threat. The research calls for greater investment in 'green' blockchain technology.

Bitcoin price dives down below the $7,000 level again

Bitcoin has fallen below the key $7,000 level again unable to hold its gains. It fell substantially bottoming out near $6,800 before recovering quite a bit before the close today on UTC time but still below the $7,000 mark.

Bitcoin finally breaks through $7,000 barrier

Early Tuesday morning August 28, bitcoin finally broke through the $7,000 level as it appears to be recovering even more lost ground. It had been stuck below $6,800 for almost three weeks now.

Bitcoin price approaches the $7,000 level late today

Bitcoin finally is testing the $7,000 level as it soared up to past $6,900 during the final hour before it closed. It is now August 28 and the trend appears upward from late yesterday afternoon.

Coinsquare announces European expansion

Coinsquare, Canada's cryptocurrency trading platform for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, have announced a planned expansion into Europe for Q4 2018.

Bitcoin moves sideways for half the day and then moves up

While the bitcoin (BTC) price spent the first half of today moving mostly sideways in the afternoon it showed a definite upward trend and reached over the $6,700 level.

Bitcoin makes big gains only to lose them after bad news

Bitcoin's (BTC) price rallied early today to just about one hundred dollars shy of the $7, 000 mark only to pull back and drop precipitously later in the day as the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rejected applications for a number of ETFs.

Bitcoin still well above $6,000 after losing some ground

While bitcoin (BTC) is still trading well above the $6,000 level so far it has not broken out in a definite upward or downward swing although it did lose some ground during today.

Coinbase files for patent on new bitcoin payment system

San Francisco - The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has recently filed for a patent. The patent is for a new system that would enable online users to make their bitcoin payments more securely.

Bitcoin well above $6,000 level but bullish trend uncertain

While bitcoin's price is staying well above the $6,000 level it is trading within a relatively narrow range at present after rising above the $6,500 level yesterday.

Bitcoin manages to break through the $6,500 level briefly

Bitcoin rose today well over $6,500 after it had fallen below the $6,000 level yesterday and looked headed for a record new low for the year.
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