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Google’s major plans for the .new TLD Commissioned

Search engine giant Google plans to launch the “.new” top-level domain (TLD) next year. This TLD’s introduction comes with a unique proposition that would affect how domain names are used moving forward.

Op-Ed: OPEC hits a wall — NOPEC antitrust law heading for a vote?

Washington - OPEC isn’t the invulnerable colossus of the past any more. The US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee passed the NOPEC bill, which is now up and running as a serious legislative proposition.

Homeless tax in San Francisco could end up backfiring

San Francisco - On Tuesday, voters in San Francisco passed Proposition C, a new corporate tax that will raise $400 million a year from the city’s largest companies and direct that money toward homeless services.

Ukraine rejects Russian gas transit offer

Kiev - Ukraine on Wednesday rejected a natural gas transit proposal by Russian energy giant Gazprom as an unacceptable and unprofitable proposition for Kiev.

California to list Monsanto's glyphosate as 'cancer-causing'

Sacramento - California's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) announced on Monday that the active ingredient in Monsanto's popular weed killer, glyphosate has been added to the state's list of chemicals believed to be linked to cancer.

From luxury hotels to slums, Haiti puts used soap to good use

Port-au-prince - A Haitian program to recycle used soap bars from luxury hotels has proven a win-win-win proposition, reducing waste, helping fight water-borne disease and giving employees like Magoiana Fremond the chance to send her kids to school and let them "eat ev...

Displaced Iraqis long for home, but return risky

- Iraqi civilians displaced by the battle to recapture Mosul long to return home but bombs left by jihadists and ongoing fighting makes going back now a dangerous proposition.

Monsanto to California: Pull glyphosate from cancer-causing list

Sacramento - Monsanto's herbicide, glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup is about to be added to California's listing of products said to be cancer-causing agents, and Monsanto is not very pleased.

Key events since referendum

Atenas - Following is a timeline of events in the Greek crisis from the July 5 referendum on austerity to the historic accord on a third bailout deal struck early Monday:July 5: Greek voters reject terms of a bailout proposition with 61 percent voting 'No', boo...

Greek crisis: Key events since referendum

Atenas - Following is a timeline of events in the Greek crisis from the July 5 referendum on austerity to the historic accord on a third bailout deal struck early Monday: July 5: Greek voters reject terms of a bailout proposition with 61 percent voting 'No', bo...

'Sodomite Suppression Act' likely to advance in California

Sacramento - A California ballot proposition legalizing the murder of LGBT people is likely to advance to the signature-collecting stage, highlighting what critics call serious flaws in the state's democratic initiative process.

Alzheimer's test: Mayo clinic finds easy test to detect dementia

Testing for Alzheimer's Disease is an expensive and complicated proposition at the moment but the Mayo Clinic may have a solution. They've released a study this week on a three-part test for dementia that could be done in your physician's office.

Egg-producing states take California's egg law to appeals court

Sacramento - After losing a battle in federal court over the California egg law, six egg-producing states have now filed an appeal with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit , alleging the law will have an adverse economic impact on egg farmers.

Wave Home Solutions is making waves in clean air and water

The world we live in is changing every day, and not all these changes are for the better. Decisions are being made that result in actions which change the way people interact with the planet, and the thing is that not everyone has a say in these changes.

Chocolate candies found to have unsafe levels of metal

San Fransisco - Independent testing has found 62 percent of chocolate products contain levels of lead or cadmium at a level that violates California’s proposition 65 law.

Op-Ed: The failure and success of legal cannabis in Colorado

Denver - Colorado is home to the great marijuana experiment. A completely legal cannabis industry that is trying to prove to the world that a legal cannabis market makes sense. While some have praised the decision, others have expressed doubt.

California egg law will affect all of us after Jan. 1

Farmers nationwide wanting to sell eggs in California will have to be in compliance with the state's new egg law as of January 1, 2015. Otherwise known as Proposition 2, the law requires chicken cages to be roomier.

Op-Ed: Why California should soon be sending fewer people to prison

Sacramento - Proposition 47 on California's November ballot would scale back California's “three-strikes” crime law, the harshest of these laws in the nation, and many commentators believe it will pass. This is a worthy initiative and deserves a "yes" vote.

Op-Ed: Iraq a lose-lose proposition for Obama administration

Baghdad - For President Obama, Iraq is the anti-war horse he rode to victory in 2008. Many political analysts say opposition to the Iraqi war was the club he used to first pound Clinton then Republicans into submission.

Review: New on DVD for June 10 Special

This week’s releases include film noir for the small screen; assassins in the sky; a movie documenting an inventor’s artistic proposition; a comedy starring one of the U.K.’s most obnoxious personalities; and the origin story of an unlikely hero.
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