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Ecuador says hit by 40 million cyber attacks since Assange arrest

Quito - Ecuador said on Monday it has suffered 40 million cyber attacks on the webpages of public institutions since stripping Wikileaks founder Julian Assange of political asylum.

European politicians protest outside Assange's London jail

London - German and Spanish lawmakers protested against Julian Assange's detention on Monday, gathering outside a London prison to urge Britain and the EU to prevent his extradition to the United States.

Ecuador president defends Assange asylum withdrawal

London - Ecuadoran President Lenin Moreno on Sunday defended his decision to overturn Julian Assange's asylum status, claiming in an interview with the Guardian newspaper that the WikiLeaks founder had tried to set up a "centre for spying" in Ecuador's London e...

Assange's father calls on Australia to bring him home

Sydney - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's father on Sunday called on Australia to bring his son home, saying he was shocked to see his son's condition after his arrest in London last week.

UK opposition Labour Party demands PM stop extradition of Assange

London - In the UK, the opposition Labour Party wants the government to halt the extradition to the US of Julian Assange Wikileaks founder. He faces charges there related to his work with Chelsea Manning a whistle-blower revealing brutal US actions in Iraq etc.

MPs urge UK to cooperate with Sweden in Assange case

London - More than 70 British lawmakers have urged their government to prioritise any extradition bid Sweden might make for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is also wanted in the United States.

Assange held in London jail ahead of long legal fight

London - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange languished Friday in a British jail at the outset of a likely lengthy extradition battle following the dramatic end to his seven-year stay in Ecuador's London embassy.

Assange aide arrested trying to leave Ecuador: official

Quito - A collaborator of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested Thursday in Ecuador while trying to flee to Japan, the South American country's interior minister said.

Ecuador denounces WikiLeaks-linked plot against Moreno

Quito - Ecuador said Thursday that it had identified a WikiLeaks collaborator close to Julian Assange as being involved in a plot with two Russian hackers to destabilize President Lenin Moreno's government.

Assange lawyer accuses Washington of 'persecution'

Madrid - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, arrested in London on a US extradition request, is the target of "political persecution," the man coordinating his defence said Thursday.

Julian Assange: a decade of stunning leaks of US secrets

Washington - The US government has regarded WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as a dangerous national security threat ever since he and his organization opened a decade-long effort to expose US secrets -- from military files to embarrassing Democratic Party emails d...

Assange arrest ends years cooped up in embassy

London - During his nearly seven years holed up in the Ecuadoran embassy in London, devoid of sunlight, exercise and companions, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange lived like a recluse.

WikiLeaks' Assange arrested in London on US extradition request

London - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's seven-year hideout in Ecuador's London embassy dramatically ended when British police dragged him out and arrested him on a US extradition request.

Assange arrest stirs strong reactions from foes, allies alike

London - The arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange sparked passionate reactions from foes and allies alike on Thursday.

Quito withdraws Assange's Ecuador citizenship

Quito - President Lenin Moreno's government withdrew the Ecuadoran citizenship granted Julian Assange, acting before the WikiLeak founder's arrest in London Thursday, Foreign Minister Jose Valencia said.

Julian Assange: Conspiracy theorist proved right?

London - Julian Assange has been widely denounced as a conspiracy theorist fleeing from justice, but the revelation Thursday of a US extradition warrant against the transparency campaigner supports a key reason he gave for going into hiding.

Assange arrested in London on US extradition request

London - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's seven-year hideout in Ecuador's London embassy ended spectacularly Thursday when British police arrested him on an extradition request from the United States to face hacking charges.

WikiLeaks claims 'extortion' over leaked Assange footage

London - WikiLeaks on Wednesday claimed that it was being blackmailed by "dubious characters" who had obtained security camera footage of founder Julian Assange inside Ecuador's embassy in London.

Ecuador says rethinking Assange asylum

Quito - Ecuador says it is reassessing its asylum for Julian Assange after WikiLeaks warned last week that the organization's controversial founder faced imminent expulsion from Quito's London embassy and arrest by the British authorities.

UN expert to visit Assange, assess violation of privacy claims

Geneva - An independent rights expert will visit WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at the Ecuadoran embassy in London to assess whether privacy violation claims involving him merit investigation, the UN rights office said Thursday.
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