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article imageWorld’s first human sperm grown in laboratory

By Abdul Kuddus     May 10, 2015 in Science
We have good news for infertile men. A French laboratory has reportedly grown human sperm cells for the first time in test tubes transforming male fertility cells, spermatogonia, into mature sperm.
The Kallistem laboratory, a private research lab in Lyon, France, is hopeful that the breakthrough makes them ready for clinical trials on humans within two years. The firm is confident of treating as many as 50,000 patients a year through the innovative therapy.
Reportedly the company claimed to produce mature human spermatozoa in the laboratory using testicular biopsies containing immature germ cells, or spermatogonia. The research is yet to be published in peer-reviewed journals.
Noting the development, the New York Post reported:
“Experts greeted the news with some caution, though, because the research has not yet been published in peer-reviewed journals. But, if proven, the feat would mark an important breakthrough.”
The Telegraph quoted Allan Pacey, Professor of Andrology at the University of Sheffield saying:
“This is a bold claim to make and we have had our fingers burnt before. Until I see a peer-reviewed scientific publication showing unequivocally that this has been done, I have to remain skeptical."
Earlier, lab-created sperms had only been tested in mice.
According to the New York Times, “Kallistem plans to hold preclinical trials until 2016 and then begin clinical trials the following year.”
The report raises hope for infertile patients suffering from abnormal sperm production. The breakthrough could open a market worth billions of dollars with hundreds and thousands of patients seeking treatment worldwide.
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