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article imageViral video shows 'massive' sea creature in Antarctica, or is it?

By Karen Graham     Jun 20, 2016 in Science
An eagle-eyed Google Earth enthusiast browsing the South Pole discovered something in the water close to Deception Island, and being curious, zoomed in. Was it a sea monster? Perhaps a Kraken? Nope, it was neither.
The video of the "thing," uploaded by Wowforreeel, immediately went viral, as these sort of findings usually do, and after being viewed by people around the world over 1.2 million times, left most people stumped as to what it really was.
So was there something lurking in the depths of the southern seas? The comments ranged from the scientifically curious to the absurd as people chimed in with their guesses as to what the huge shape might be. YouTube user Wowforreeel likened the strange shape to the mythical Kraken, and it does look sort of like the old depictions of the sea monster, reports Fox News.
Sail Rock
Sail Rock
But there were actually a few viewers that suggested the strange shape was nothing more than a pile of rocks or an island. And guess what? They are apparently correct because the Kraken is actually called Sail Rock. Popular Science says it's a really cool rock that sort of hangs there in some of the coldest and most treacherous waters on Earth.
Deep-sea biologist Andrew David Thaler of the widely-respected ocean blog Southern Fried Science cleared things up. He agreed that the rock might look like a giant Kraken in an aerial view, but if you were to look at navigation maps, the anomaly is actually noted and it has a name, Sail Rock. The rock is shaped like a sail and lies just a few miles south of Deception Island, so there.
Thaler says   Sorry  folks  it ain’t a 120 meter long Kraken or an Underwater UFO. It’s a rock.
Thaler says, "Sorry, folks, it ain’t a 120 meter long Kraken or an Underwater UFO. It’s a rock."
Andrew David Thaler
Thaler posted a navigational chart on his blog that shows Sail Rock is indeed included. It is toward the bottom left-hand side of Deception Island. It is tiny, in comparison, but it is there. Actually, I'm glad the alleged sea monster turned out to be a benign rock.
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