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article image'Ticket to Rise' gives someone a chance to see Earth from space

By Karen Graham     Sep 6, 2014 in Science
A one-way ticket to Mars may not be your cup-of-tea, but a chance to see the Earth in all its glory from sub-orbital space might be more inviting. By contributing to the Mars One project, people can earn an entry into a drawing for a free space trip.
Mars One, the Netherlands-based non-profit effort to send four colonists to the red planet in 2025 announced on Friday, September 4 the start of their "Ticket to Rise" campaign ( One lucky space-traveler will have the chance to win a private trip into space.
Mars One, from the start of its Mars colonization project, has encouraged the public's participation in their endeavors. To this end, they have depended on the public's financial support through the purchase of Mars One merchandise or donations. Teaming up with the Los Angeles-based Urgency Network, an organizer of fund-raising campaigns, and the online tech magazine, Motherboard, the "Ticket to Rise" campaign was born.
T-Shirts and other merchandise for space-adventurers can be purchased  giving five entries for every...
T-Shirts and other merchandise for space-adventurers can be purchased, giving five entries for every dollar spent into the drawing for a ride in the XCOR Lynx space plane.
Mars One
The campaign started on September 4, and will end on November 6, 2014. Participants can go to this site to enter: There is a whole list of awards an entrant can receive, and for every dollar donated, you receive five entries into the drawing. But the ultimate prize is a trip into sub-orbital space aboard XCOR's one-passenger Lynx vehicle.
The XCOR Lynx space vehicle has been designed as a private space-plane, and is much like Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo spaceliner. Both space planes have the capability of taking scientific experiments and people into sub-orbital space, about 330,000 miles up to what is known as the Karman Line, the official edge of space.
Artists rendition of the XCOR Lynx Mark II spaceplane.
Date: 11/07/11
Artists rendition of the XCOR Lynx Mark II spaceplane. Date: 11/07/11
XCOR Aerospace
The Lynx actually takes off from its runway, and when the trip is over, passengers are brought back down, landing on the runway. The space plane is capable of making four trips into space each day, and only costs a mere $95,000 per trip. This is a great price in comparison to Virgin Galactic's $225,000 ride.
If anyone thinks the Mars One project was just a pipe-dream, they may be in for a big surprise. Organizers of the initiative have been very busy since the Mars One program announced on May 5, 2014 that 705 people had passed the rigorous selection process. Since that time, preparations have been made to document the astronaut interview process and ongoing training of the aspiring space travelers, every step of the way.
Endemol-owned Darlow Smithson Productions (DSP) have been given exclusive rights to document the Mars One project, following the trainees from day one in their training and on through the start of what is to be a world-changing event. The first installments of DSP's monumental production will begin airing in early 2015.
DSP has received many awards and much public acclaim for their work over the years. According to DSP, their credits include: The Mill (Channel 4), Richard III: The King in the Car Park (Channel 4); How to Build a Bionic Man (Channel 4 and Smithsonian Channel); Earth From Space (NOVA and Discovery Canada), ‘Hawking’ (PBS and Channel 4); Dead or Alive (National Geographic Channels International Wild); Nazi Megastructures (National Geographic Channel) and Neil Armstrong: First Man on the Moon (BBC Two).
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